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Agronomy one liner questions 08/03/2018

Questions & Answers For All Agricultural Exams Questions Answers 1 Water content of apical portion of roots and shoots is? >90% 2 Majority of rainfall in India is contributed by?( South west monsoon 3 The methods adopted to measure the evapotranspiration is? Lysimeter experiment 4 Check basin method of irrigation is also known as? Beds and channel method 5 Which method of […]

Daily One Liner Questions-62 TOBACCO(2) & CASTOR

Farming questions and answers  Online study AGRONOMY TOBACCO(2) Questions Answer 1 Important practices in tobacco cultivation? ( ToppingDe-suckeringPriming 2 Removal of flower head either alone or with few top leaves from the plant known as? Topping 3 Remove of suckers from tobacco known as? De-suckering 4 Main aim of topping and de-suckering operations in tobacco field […]

Daily One Liner Questions-60 (Lentil)

Farming questions and answers  Online study Agronomy  Lentil Questions Answers 1 Botanical name? Lens esculenta 2 Family?( Leguminaceae 3 Chromosome number? 2n=14 4 Origin of lentil? India (Pre Meditarian) 5 Lentil grow in which season ? Rabi 6 Lentil plant are? Self pollinated, C3 and Long day plant 7 Protein present in lentil? Protein-25%Fat-1.8% Carbohydrate-60% […]

Daily One Liner Questions-58

Farming questions and answers  Online study Agronomy  Sunflowe Questions Answer 1 Botanical name? Helianthus annus 2 Family ?( Compositae/Asteraceae 3 Origin ? Mexico 4 Chromosome number? 2n=34 5 Germination of sunflower ? Epigeal 6 Sunflower plant are? Day neutral plant, C3,Cross Polinated,Protandrous 7 Sunflower in inflorescence (Head) known as ? Capitulum 8 Sunflower fruit known […]

Daily One Liner Questions-55

Farming questions and answers Online study AGRONOMY GRAM Questions Answers 1 Botanical name is? Desi-Cicer aretinumKabuli-Cicer kabulim 2 Family?( Leguminaceae 3 Origin of gram ? Afghanistan 4 Chromosome numbe? Desi-2n=14Kabuli-2n=16 5 Gram plants are? Self pollinated, C3 & Long day plant 6 Gram fruits are known as ? Pod 7 Root system in gram is ? […]

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