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 Plant Names  List of Crops–Common and Botanical Names   Cereals & millets Rice Oryza sativa Wheat Triticum aestivum . Triticum sativum, Maize Zea mays Rye Secale cereale Oat Avena sativa Barley Hordeum vulgare Sorghum (Jowar) Sorghum bicolor Pearl millet (Bajra) Pennisetum glaucum Finger millet (Ragi) Eleusine coracana Barnyard millet (kuthiraivali) Echinochloa frumentacea Italian millet (thenai) […]

Crops Seed rate and Spacing of Agronomical crops

Useful For All Agricultural Exams Crops Seed rate and Spacing CROP SEED RATE (kg/ha) SPACING (cm) Paddy Broadcasting 100kg Drilling 60 kg Depog1.5-3kg/M² SRI 5-8 kg Hybrid 15kg 20×10  ( Wheat 100 kg Late Sowing-125kg Hybrid 67 kg 22.5×8-10 Barley 100 kg/ha Late Sowing-125kg 23×10 Maize Composite18-20kg Hybrid 20-25kg 60×25 Sorghum 12-15kg Fodder 35-40kg 45×15 […]

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Agro (Agronomy) Questions & Answers Agronomy For All Agricultural Exams Questions Answers 1 Water content of apical portion of roots and shoots is? >90% 2 Majority of rainfall in India is contributed by? ( South west monsoon 3 The methods adopted to measure the evapotranspiration is? Lysimeter experiment 4 Check basin method of irrigation is also known as? Beds and channel […]