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General Agriculture one liner questions 02/06/2018

ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,AAO,Agriculture supervisor, National seed Corporation and Others Competitive Exam

Questions Answers
1Nitrogen content in calcium Ammonium Nitrate ?26%
2Flex is a fibre of ?
3Maximum edible oil is contributed by ?Groundnut
4Argon was discovered by ?Arnon
5Essentiality of Boron is postulated by ?Warrington
6The main advantage of Nano fertilizer is ?High surface area
7Which chemical control Aphids effectively ?Metasystox
8In Remote Sensing which type of rays are used ?Infrared
9Brinjal is a native of ?India
10Pearcing and sucking type of mouth parts are present in ?Mosquitoes
11The great Irish famine was happening in ?1945
12The severe form of water erosion is ?Gully
13Monsoon is a word of  ?Arabic
14The population variance can be calculated by ?
15Nutrient that is mobile in plant but immobile in soil is ?P

Questions Answers
16Gypsum equivalent in iron sulphate is ?1.42
17Which crop takes nitrogen in Ammonia form ?
18The carbohydrate translocation in germinating seed is due to ?Gibberellic Acid
19The availability of zinc is decreased by the application of which element ?P
20In organic matter contains the highest amount of ?Carbon
21Afra disease Mainly occurs in Which crop ?Paddy
22Intensive grossing is practised in which land capability class ?V (5th)
23Which chemical is generally used for the safe storage of onion ?MH
24Chromosome number of inguina tritici is ?19
25Calcium is needed for the synthesis of ?Cell wall
26Which Soil area maximum in the India ?Alluvial soil
27Respiration takes place only in presence of ?Oxygen
28Pink bollworm is a common insect of ?Cotton
29If the price of a commodity increases then its demand will ?
30Which body responsible for development work at village level ?Gram Panchayat

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