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Soil Science Daily One Liner Questions 18/05/2018

Questions & Answers

 For All Agricultural Exams
ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, IFFCO, NFL and Others Competitive Exam

Questions Answers
1 Process of mixing of soils is known as?
2 Soils having at least 20% organic matter known as ? Organic soils
3 Top most mineral horizon is ? A horizon
4 Total pore space highest in ? Clay soils
5 Process of moving out of Sesquioxide​  is known as ? Podzolization
6 Recently formulas soils found order is ? Entisols
7 Black cotton soil found in ? Maharashtra
8 Pulse crop does not fixed N from ? Rajma
9 First manufactured Fertilizer in India is ? SSP
10 The crops which  absorb the aminocal  from directly ? Padby and potato
11 Chemical fertilizers should be applied in ? Reduced zone
12 Classification of soils by ICAR in ? 8 groups
13 The smallest volume of soil 1 to 10 metre square  called as ? Pedon
14 Urea in the presence of Ureas forms into?
Ammonium carbamate
15 The red soil are red in colour due to presence of ? Iron oxide

Questions Answers
16 Most of change of gases in soil is due to?
Diffusion mass flow
17 Black cotton soils are deficient in ? Nitrogen
18 USA is the first country  to introduce? Zero tillage
19 Formula of castic soda is ? NaOH
20 Electrical conductivity is used to express ? Salinity of the soil
21 Wood is mainly decomposed by ? Actinomycetes
22 Red soils are dominant in ? Tamil Nadu
23 The soil which are most suitable for the most of the crops are ? Sandy loam
24 The component of nitrate reduction is the ? Molybdenum
25 Desired size of the soil sample for soil testing is ? 0.50 kg
26 Recently formed soil order ?  Entisol
27 Crop having the highest tolerance to  Boron is ? Sugar beet
28 Insoluble fraction of organic matter is ?
29 Most outstanding green manure crop ? Sunhemp
30 Organic matter content in Indian soils is generally ? Less than 0.5%

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