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General Agriculture one liner questions 17/05/2018

Questions & Answers

For All Competitive Exams

Questions Answers
1The term pH is given by ?SPL Sureson
2Khaira disease of rice due to ?Zn deficiency
3The soil solution P is known as ?Intensity factor
4Which is hazardous fertilizer?
Ammonium Nitrate
5White heat and dead heart disease of ?Rice
6Maximum soil loss in ?170 kg
7Groundnut as Rabi crop in ?Andhra Pradesh
8Seed rate of TPS is ?
100- 150 g /ha
9Zinc deficiency causes ?khaira disease
10Who is considered the father of Field plot techniques ?J.b. Boussingault
11Which Nutrient is directly related to nicotine content ?N
12Blue body syndrome is due to ?NO 3 - boxicity
13Which nutrient is constituent of chlorophyll ?Mg
14Dominant cation is in neutral soil is ?Ca + +
15Carbon content of organic matter is ?58%

Questions Answers
16Mg is constituent of ?Chlorophyll
17Acid soils favourable to ?P fixation
18Salinity​ semitive crop is?Chick pea
19Origin of maize is ?
20Maximum area of soils in India in ?Alluvial soil
21One cotton Bale equal to ?170 kg
22Sucrose percent in sugarcane is ?10 - 12%
23Largest producer of rice is ?China
24Fertilizer application in low land paddy ? In Reduced zone
25The water absorption by mass flow reduced due to low ?Transpiration rate
26Stomata closing type Anti-transpirant is ?PMA
27Macaroni wheat is ?
Triticum durum
28First dwarf variety of rice introduced in India is ?TN -1
29 Vertical mulching is done in. ? black clay soil
30 Under lowland cultivation price takes oxygen through.? leaves

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