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Take it Easy

Important For All Competitive Exam

1) WordAbate
Hindi Meaningसमाप्त करना/ कम करना
Synonyms WordSlow, Slacken
AntonymsWin, Magnify

2) Word Abdicate
Hindi Meaning त्यागना/ छोड़ देना
Synonyms Abandon, Vacate
Antonyms Retain, Stay

3) Word Aberration  
Hindi Meaning पतन/ पथ भ्रष्टता
Synonyms Oddity, Strangeness
Antonyms Normality, Sameness

4) Word Abet
Hindi Meaning सहयोग देना/ बढ़ावा देना
Synonyms Provoke, Condone
Antonyms Stop, Prevent

5) Word Abhorrence
Hindi Meaning नफरत/ घृणा
Synonyms Enmity, Hate
Antonyms Kindness, Like

6) Word Abject 
Hindi Meaning बुरा / नीच
Synonyms Wretched, Base
Antonyms Commendable, Proud

7) Word Abjure
Hindi Meaning त्यागना/ अस्वीकार करना
Synonyms Recant, Forswear
Antonyms Allow, Emphasize

8) Word Abode
Hindi Meaning आवास/ निवास
Synonyms Address, Apartment
Antonyms Annex, Office

9) Word Abolish 
Hindi Meaning तोड़ना/ समाप्त करना
Synonyms Cancel, Destroy
Antonyms Allow, Approve

10) Word Abominable
Hindi Meaning घृणा योग/ घटिया
SynonymsAbhorrent, Awful
Antonyms Attractive, Loveable

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