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Important For All Competitive Exam

1) Word Ab Initio
Hindi Meaning आरंभ से
Synonyms Word From the start, To begin With
Antonyms In the end, Lastingly

2) Word Abandon
Hindi Meaning छोड़ देना /परित्याग करना
Synonyms Desert, Empty
Antonyms Court,Quit

3) Word Abandonment
Hindi Meaning परित्यक्तता /छोड़ना
Synonyms Forsaking, Defection
Antonyms Adoption, Perfection

4) Word Abate
Hindi Meaning धीमा होना /शांत होना
Synonyms Let up, Slack
Antonyms Forward, Advance

5) Word Abash
Hindi Meaning शर्मिंदा करना
Synonyms Embarrass
Antonyms Animate, Rally

6) Word Babble
Hindi Meaning बड़बड़ाना
Synonyms Rattle on, Chatter
Antonyms Be Silent, Be Quite

7) Word Backlash
Hindi Meaning  प्रतिक्षेप /पलटाव
Synonyms Adverse Reaction, Counterblast
Antonyms Cause, Source

8) Word Baffling
Hindi Meaning हैरान करने वाला/विस्तकारी
Synonyms Confusing, Perplexing
Antonyms Clear, Baffled

9) Word Bait
Hindi Meaning फसाना / परेशान करना
Synonyms Trap, Troll
Antonyms Plain, Clear

10) Word Band
Hindi Meaning अत्यंत साधारण / मामूली
Synonyms Ring, Set
Antonyms Increase, Rise

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