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Agriculture important point 16/05/2018

Questions & Answers

For All Agricultural Exams

Questions Answers
1National water greed was proposed byK. L. Rao
2Number of Agro climatic zones in India is15 
3ICAR was established on the Recommendation of Royal commission of agriculture 1928 on16 July 1929
4National water Policy was announced in ?1987
5 First kvk in India was established in Pondicherry in ?1974
6 First agriculture minister of independent IndiaRafi Ahmed Kidwai
7ICAR was reorganised in ?1965 and 1972
8 Wheat variety contributed much to Green Revolution is?HD 2329
9Number of Agro ecological zones in India ?20
10National Institute of abiotic stress management is located at ?Baramati (Maharashtra)
11 Which GM crop occupies largest area in world?Soyabean
12Which element is deficient in milk ?Iron
13Father of Field plot technique is ?J.B. boussingault
14Biggest cultivated fruit in world ?Jack fruit
15Pusa Nanha is a mutant variety of ?Papaya

Questions Answers
16Milk city of India is ?Anand
17One more IARI types institute is being set up at IARI?Assam
18National biodiversity authority is located at ?Chennai
19Pashmina wool is obtained from Kashmiri ?Goat
20Oleoresin is extracted from ?Chillies
21 one more Central Agricultural University is being set up at ?Barapani (Meghalaya)
22Livestock Insurance Scheme was started during 2005 and 6 on pilod basis in ?100 selected district s
23The team Remote Sensing was first introduced in 1960 by ?Evelyn l.pruitt
24The important Greenhouse gas released from paddy field and wasteland  ?Methane
25Bacillus thuringiensis was discovered by ?S. Ishiwata
26The first suffelower hybrid was DSH-129 and first mustard hybrid   was?NRCBHB - 506
27National agriculture science  museum 2004 located  at?New Delhi
28Dolly clone(sheep) is created by ?Wilmont
29Sudha Garden situated in New Delhi is an example of ?Japanese style of gardening​
30Sikkim became India's first fully organic state on ?January 18-2016


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