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General Agriculture one liner questions 29/05/2018

Agriculture Questions & Answers 

 For All Agricultural Exams
ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,Agriculture supervisor and Others Competitive Exam

Questions Answers
1Physiological Basis of life is ?
2Which crop are responsible for 75% production of pulses in India ?Gram and Arhar
3"Welfare Definition of Economics" was given by  ?Alfred Marshall
4'Profit Maximization' is the objective of which farming system ?Capitalistic Farming
5First 'KVK' of India was established at?Pondicherry
6A farmer having 2 hectare of land will be grouped under ?Small
7Silver-fish is studied under ?Entomology
8Balram Yojana is related to ?Water Management
9Foot and mouth disease is caused by ?Virus
10The avian breed known for fighting Sports is ?Aseel
11Mendel conducted his research on the plant called ?
12"International Centre for Agricultural Research in Dry Areas" is located in ?Syria
13"History of Agriculture in India" was written by ?M.S. Randhawa
14Which is a beneficial element for rice ?Silicon
15The oldest oilseed crop cultivated in India is ?Sesame

Questions Answers
16Who proposed the criteria of essentiality of plant nutrient ?Arnon
17'VAM' increases the uptake of which nutrient ?Phosphorus
18lStudy of soil in relation to plant is called ?Edaphology
19Most resistant mineral is ?
20The vertical section of soil with different layers is known as ?Soil profile
21Organic agricultural product grading and marketing rules was given in the year ?2009
22Central Institute of fisheries was located at ?Kochi
23India's position in the world in the production of groundnut ?2nd
24A new state plan scheme "RKVY" was launched during ?2007-8
25"Kisan Call Centre" have been functioning since ?January 2004
26"National Oilseeds and Vegetables oil Development Board" was constituted in the year ?1984
27Pilot weather based Crop Insurance Scheme is being implemented from ?Kharif 2010
28Which rest is prevalent in Wheat in Rajasthan ?
29"National Institute of Agricultural Marketing" was set up by government of India in the year ?1988
30Who has proposed the method demonstration ?S A knapp

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