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General Agriculture one liner questions 28/05/2018

Agriculture Questions & Answers

 For All Agricultural Exams
ICAR-JRF, SRF, ARS/NET, SAU, PhD, BANK-AFO,BHU, ADO,IFFCO, NFL,Agriculture supervisor and Others Competitive Exam

Questions Answers
1 Which fruit is known as fruit of New world fruit ?
2 Agricultural technology management agency (ATMA) was started in the year ? 2005
3 Which fruit is a rich source of fat ?
4 National Horticulture Mission(NHM) was launched for Holistic development of Horticulture sector during ?
5 Single seeded Cucurbit is ?
Chow Chow
6 Regional laboratory of TFRI is located at ? Jabalpur
7 "Round table discussion" is also known as ? Panel
8 The readily absorbed water and available to the plants is ? Capillary water
9 For one talk how many flash card should be used ? 10-12
10 First irrigation commission in India was formed in the year ? 1901
11 Levy price applies to ?
12 Growth regulator isolated from "Yam" is ? Batasin
13 Bunchy top of Banana disease entered in India from which country ? Sri Lanka
14 Crop that are shown before the monsoon are known as ? Zaid
15 "Central Food Technology Research Institute" is located at ? Mysore

Questions Answers
16The main function of the nutrient copper in the plant is ?
Electron Carriers
17Which crop is used as beverage crop?Tea
18Which cultural activity is useful for destruction of soil structure ?Puddling
19One of the most prominent crop of the dryland farming in Rajasthan is ?Moth Bean
20Sun loving plants are termed as ?Haliophytes
21Starch and sugar together are name as ?Carbohydrates
22The main function of the nutrient Phosphorus in the plant is ?Energy transfer
23Plants that grow under the average condition of temperature and moisture are called as  ?Mesophytes
24The gas is used for Artificial ripening of green fruits is?Acetylene
25Green manure cum fiber cum minor fodder crop is?Sun-hemp
26Market guided by rules and regulations is called? Regulated Market
27Which material is applied , Potassium(K) availability in the soil is decreased ?Lime
28An example of pressurized irrigation method is ?
29Which plant have C4 pathway of photosynthesis ?Maize
30The individual crop which is a part of a cropping system are called as ?Inter-crop

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