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General Agriculture Daily One Liner Questions 12/03/2018

Questions & Answers

For All Agricultural Exams

Questions Answers
1Bordeaux mixture consists of?Copper Sulphate + Calcium Hydroxide
2Bt-Cotton is a GM crop having?Insecticidal gene
3Cation Ladder theory of active absorption in plants was postulated by?Middleton & Russel
4The mineral constituent of the cell wall is?Calcium
5In roots active uptake of minerals mainly depends upon?Availability of oxygen
6Ion carriers are located in?Cell membrane
7Uptake of nitrogen from soil, by most plants takes place in the form of?Nitrate
8Role of carrier protein is in?Active Transport
9Diffusion of mineral ion into the root cells of plants is known as??Passive absorption
10The formula for ‘balanced salt solution of mineral elements’ for plant growth was given byKnop
11According to stiles and kidd (1919), the ratio of internal concentration to the external concentration anion is known as?Absorption ratio
12Prevention of entry of one ion by another when two are present in almost equal concentration is known as?Competition
13In the absence of Ca, absorption of K & Br is reduced in a plant while the same increases in the presence of Ca. This phenomenon is called?Antagonism
14The father of plant physiology is?Stephan Hales
15Technique of growing plants without soil is known as?Hydroponics

Questions Answers
16Uptake of zinc by plants took place in the form of?Zn++
17In which form are the inorganic nutrients are present in the soil?Electrically charged ion
18During photosynthesis, bulk fixation of carbon takes place in?Oceans
19Photolysis of water is linked with?PS-I
20During photosynthesis, the light reaction takes place in?Thylakoids
21C4 Pathway for CO2 fixation was 1st reported by?Hatch & Slack
22The chief source of sugar in most parts of world is?Sugarcane
23Which pulses is a rich source of phosphorus along with protein?Urdbean
24Which is the second most important pulses crop of India that is grown in the kharif season?Arhar
25Central sugarcane breeding research Institute is located at?Lucknow
26A crop that cannot survive in wild and depend completely on human beings for its survival is/are
Pampered corn
27World’s major food crops belong to which  family?Gramineae
28Which variety of wheat is mainly used for preparing pasta and noodles?T.durum
29Canvas is made from which of the?Sunnhemp
30During biological process of weathering of rocks which increases the amount of available nutrient at the rock’s surface by photosynthesis?Lichens

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