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December 2017 current affair

Questions & Answers

For All Agricultural Exams

 Agricultural current affairs


Questions Answer
1Which nation is going to host the next UN Global wildlife conference called '13thmeeting of the conference of the parties to the convention on migratory spices in 2020' ? India
2 Gravity recovery and climate experiment (Grace)mission which recently came to an end was carried out by which space agencies?  DLR end NASA
3 Researchers have found which of the following to be a potentialCause of Kala -azar? Virus
4India has signed a $200 million loan Agreement with World bank to  facilitate investment in the agricultural sector and increased productivity in ?Assam
5Which state government has made Aadhaar mandatory for purchasing fertilizers through pos machine at the Dealers for availing subsidy? Maharasra
6How many species of vultures in India have been awarded the highest protection by the conversation on the conservation of migratory species of wild animals? 4
7 Which state is signend and MOU with Microsoft India to enable farmers with technology oriented solutions? Karnataka
8 which state government is going to launch the 2nd phase of the state climate change Action Plan (sccap) at and outlay of rs31,667 crore for  the next 5 years?

9 Which of the following has been sent as the first consignment by India to Afghanistan via Chabahar port of iran?  Wheat
10 CEA has approved Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) scheme as (RKVY) remunerative Approaches for agriculture and Allied sector rejuvenation(RAFTAAR) to be implemented with a budget allocation of Rs 15, 722 crore, till? 2019-20
11 As per CBDT upto how much amount of cash sales of the agriculture produce can be exempted from Tax under the income tax Act? Rs 2 lakh a day
12What is the name of the investor facilitation portal launched during World food India 2017? Nivesh Bandhu
13Where have the scientist discovered a new species of orangutans and have also declared them as the world's most endangered great special?   Indonesia
14International fund for agriculture development (IFAD)has approved soft loans for phase-4 of the North Eastern region community resource management project for upland Areas (NERCORMP) worth? USE 30 million
15 Which state government is going to set up village climate resilient agriculture management committees(VCRMCs) in over 5000 villages of 15 districts at a cost of Rs 4000 crore?  Maharashtra

Questions Answers
16 Which Union Ministry recently organized a two-day National workshop Chintan Shivir in New Delhi? Human Resource Development
17 Which state government has introduced Fish pond Yojana for creation additional water bodies for freshwater aquaculture? Odisha
18 President Ram Nath kovind recently cleared an Ordinance amending the Indian forest act 1927, omitting which of the following grown in non-forest areas from the definition of trees?  Bamboo
19As per agriculture minister Radha Mohan Singh Centre has increased the budget of agriculture education by how much percent this year as compared to the financial year 2013-14? 47.4%
National agriculture education day was celebrated on?

Dec 3
21  Michael I,  recently passed away, was the former king of which country?  Romania
22 Which oil company has signed an agreement with Odisha's University of Agriculture and Technology to promote bio-fuel production?  BPCL
23 Which country has recently announced that India has become the biggest market for its agriculture products in 2017?

24 A new species of gecko named Mahendra Giri has been found in?  Andhra Pradesh
25 Which country recently conducted aMarine oil pollution response exercise clean sea-2017?  India
26 Which state government has introduced  Fish  Pond Yojana for creation of additional water bodies for freshwater aquaculture?  Odisha
27 Particularly vulnerable tribal group(PVTG) Mankidia has been denied habitat rights in which tiger reserve by Odisha Forest Department?  Simplipal Tiger Reserve
28 In a first which state has launched a scheme 24-hour free power supply to farmers for agriculture purposes?  Telangana
29 Which state government has signed a MoU with IOC to set up bio-gas and bio-CNG plants?  Punjab
30 Researchers have discovered a new species of moth, named Elcysma Ziroensis, from the Talle Wildlife Sanctuary in?  Arunachal Pradesh

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