Agriculture soul of India
⛳ World Environment Day 2018 Host Country is – “India”. 🌴🎄🌲🏡🌴 The theme of the year 2018 is “Beat Plastic Pollution”



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Questions Answer
1 Indian Institute of pulses research is located ? Kanpur
2 National Research Centre for groundnut is located?( Junagarh
3 Dual purpose breed of cow in India? Hariyana
4 Highest percent of fat in buffalo breed? Bhadabari
5 Citrus cracking is due to? Boron
6 Deficiency symptom first appear on older or lower leaves ? Potassium
7  Which one calculated quintal in per hectare? Cost of production
8 Seed rate (kg/ha.) of maize is? 18-20
9 No till planter used for ? Sowing
10  Aluminium phosphide ? Rotendicide
11 Khapra Beetle is related to ? Storage Food Grain Paste
12 Maximum export of agriculture product in India? Onion
13 Which one is variety of onion? Agri found
14 Maximum production and area of potato in state? U.P.
15 Central Agricultural University is located in? Imphal
16 Most famous variety of Mandarin? Kinnow
17 Delinting of cotton is done using? H2So4
18 Most popular variety of Mango in North India? Dashari
19 Famous variety of grape in India? Thomasan seedless
20 Black heart of potato is a? Physiological disorder
21 Rainfiltration throw soil surface is called?Infiltration
22 AlKali soil having ph of? >8.5
23 Oat production in India? 2-3 tonnes
24 Vasantrao Naik award is for?( Best research in dryland farming
25 Available water for plant growth is? Capillery Water

Questions Answers
26 Indian Journal agricultural science is published in ? Quarterly
27 Pramalini is a variety of? Kagzi lime
28 Grape cutting time ? Oct.-Nov
29 Spacing of Apple?( 6M×6M
30 High density planting in banana? 1.2M×1.2M
31 Micro propagation is mainly done in fruit crops? Jackfruit
32 Dieback of citrus occurs due to the deficiency? Cu.
33 Which is  primary tillage implement? Wooden plough
34 Egg parasitoid? Tricogramma
35 Mango variety which is a planted at 1600 plants/ha.? Aamrapali
36 Apex Institute for agriculture marketing in India? Nafed
37 Best control method for stored grain pest? Fumigation
38 Little leaf of Litchi? Zn
39 Dieback of citrus? Cu.
40 Which one is main function of Agmark? Mantain quality of commodity
41 Most popular variety of tomato? Pusa ruby
42 Variety of mango is available in May- Austg? Dashari
43 The main storage polysaccharide  in animal cell is? Giycozen
44 Indian Journal of fertilizers is published by ? Fertilizer assosiation of india
45 Which variety of radish can be  grown throughout the year ? Pusa Himani
46 Leaf curl of chillies is due to? White Fly
47 Which statement is incorrect in relation of drip irrigation? Low fertilers use efficiency
48 Proping done in ?( Banana
49 Which sheep hairs used in best carpet wools.? Gadhi
50 Early maturity  variety of Maize? Ganga safeda

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