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IBPS-AFO 2018 Mains Model paper

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 Model paper for IBPS-AFO 2018

This Model Paper Prepared By:- THENNARASU TN

Questions Answer
1 The permissible limit for sulphur dioxide in jam is ?( 40 ppm
2 The self-fruit fly variety of Prunnusdomestica (plum) grown in India is ? Santa Rosa
3 National research centre for oil palm is located at ? Elura (A.P.)
4The crossing between Mandarin × Grapefruit is? Tangelo
5 The principle glycoside present in pulp of peach is ? Prunacian
6The mechanical injury to the epidermal or oily cells of rind of citrus fruit is called as ? Oleocellosis
7The example for bio preservation used to preserve for fruit and vegetables is called as Niacin and Pimaricin 
8The absorbing organ originating on hypha of a parasite and penetrating into host cell is called as ? Haustoriumq
9 The club root rot of cabbage (Plasmodiophora brassica) is favoured in which type of soil? Acidic soil.
10The example for heteroecism is ? Puccinia graministritici 
(Black stem rust of wheat)
11Gaint sprinkler and Pop sprinkler used for close growing planting (e.g. Sugarcane) and for ? lawns
12 The capacity of storage structure for Kangi 1-3 tonnes and Kothar type of structure is? 9-35 tonnes
13 The capacity for ultra-volume sprayer is less than ? 5 litres spray/ ha
14 The capacity of vertical conveyor reaper for tractor mounted is ?
0.4 to 0.6 ha/hr.
15 An instrument commonly used for measuring angles of slope is called as ? Clinometer
16 The length of Gunter chain is ? 66 feet
17 The preparation of yoghurt by using bacterial cultures was Lactobacillus bulgaricus and ? Streptococcus thermophillus
18 Casein is in the form calcium caseinate-phosphate and it is 80 % of total? Milk protein
19The yield of milk for Sahiwal breeds of cow is? 2200 – 2500 litres per lactation.
20 Which committee were appointed for KVK scheme in the year 1974 as ? Mohan Singh Mehata committee
21 Indian grain storage institute was located at ?( Hapur
22 Agricultural price commission came into existence in the year ? 1965
23 The system of exchange of goods is done without intervention of money is called as ?
Barter system.
24 Gradual change is specific rotation of a substance is called as?

1.  Mutarotation (e.g. all reducing sugar)
25 In No tillage system, the surface layer of the soil has ? higher bulkdensity
26 The older leaves of plant become bronzed or purple tint is deficiency symptom of ? Phosphorus
27 The conversation factor for % P is % ? P2O5 x 0.43
28 The fertility status for zinc and copper in high level is?  > 1.0 ppm
29 Who suggested the natural supply of nitrogen to the plant by ? Bartholomew (1971)
30 The typical soil derived from Deccan trap is called as regular or black cotton soil and having high CEC ? 40-60 meq / 100 gm. of soil

Questions Answers
31 The ability of plant cell to develop into a complete plant is called as ? Totipotency
32 Cotton Technological Research Laboratory (CTRL) is located at Matunga (Mumbai) was established in the year ? 1924
33 The respiratory roots are called as ? Pneumatophores
34 The total amount of water present in the soil is called as ? Holard
35 DNA content of the variant / feulgen stained interphase nuclei can be measured by ? cytophotometer
36 The sowing of male and female parents on different day for the purpose of synchronization of flowering is called as ? Staggering
37 The radical towards pointed end and is surrounded by a sheath is called as ? Coleorhiza
38 In which state is the first blood bank for cattle going to be set up? Odisha
39 What is India’s rank in the export of agri-products globally as per the commerce secretary Rita Teotia? 7th
40 Cabinet recently approved an MOU signed between India and Palestine to cooperate in the field of? Agricultural and veterinary Research.
41 As per the study mangrove forest cover in Indian Sundarbans is? 5.5 %
42 How many amounts did centre recently release to the states under the MGNREGS? Rs. 23,500 crore
43 Government is aiming to bring how much per cent of gross sown area under crop insurance schemes in 2017-18 seasons? 40%
44 What is the name of revamped National Mission on Food Processing that the government is going to launch at an outlay o Rs. 6000 crore? SAMPADA

Centre recently declared how many states drought hit, along with a sanction of Rs. 24,000 crore assistance? 8(Eight)
46 What is the example for external feeder and secondary pest o storage pest is? Khapra 
(Trogoderma granarium)
47 A phenomenon when insect become quiescent due to adverse climatic condition and shows no visible sign of metabolic activity is called as ? Cryptobiosis
48 An important practice in sugarcane, hoeing after planting and before crop emergences for the purpose of weed control is known as ? Blind hoeing
49 The most important micro flora in decomposition  organic matter and plant nutrients availability in soil is? Bacteria
50 The optimum number of three budded sets for planting one hectare sugarcane is in the 
range of ?
35000 to 40000
51 For weed control in pea crop recommended herbicide is . ? Propanol
52 Government and the jute sector have set out a programme to increase the supply of raw jute called Jute ? I-CARE project
53What does CMRS stand for in the content of crop and nutrient management?( Crop 
Manager for Rice Based Systems.
54 The diameter of spray drops most of sprayers vary between. ?  100 to 200 ml
55  Indian Journal of Dry land Agriculture Research and Development was published by Indian society of Dry land Agriculture was released ? Half-yearly
56 Jagjivan Ram Abhinav Kisan Puraskar award given to two innovative farmers in ? Agriculture and allied sciences.
57 Which country has signed an MOU with India for numerous agricultural priority sectors such as plant breeding, plant protection and crop seed breeding ? America
58 National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS) was in operation in India since Rabi season ? 1999-2000
59 Rhizoctonia bataticola is a disease related to which crop ? Soyabean
60 The degraded lands in India occupy approx an area (mha) of ? 175


  1. Check once again that, only Red rust flour beetal is secondary store grain pest, rest of four main (Gram dhora, lesser grain borer, rice beetal, khapra beetal & angoumois grain moth) are primary store grain insect-pests.

  2. Check once again that, only Red rust flour beetal is secondary store grain pest, rest of four main (Gram dhora, lesser grain borer, rice beetal, khapra beetal & angoumois grain moth) are primary store grain insect-pests.


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