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Important Magazines For Your Exam

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Agriculture Related Magazines 
Useful For All Agricultural Exams

1 Intensive Agriculture (English) Ministry of Agriculture
2 Agriculture Extension Review (English) Ministry of Agriculture
3 Krishi Vistar Samiksha (Hindi) Ministry of Agriculture
4 Agriculture Situation in India Ministry of Agriculture
5 Kurukshetra (Monthly) Ministry of Rural Development
6 Yojana (Monthly) ( Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
7 Indian Journal of Extension Education New Delhi
8 Agriculture Research New Delhi
9 Vegetable Science New Delhi
10 Fertilizer News FAI-New Delhi
11 IFFCO News New Delhi
12 Farmer and Parliament New Delhi
13 Indian Dairyman New Delhi
14 Seed Research ( New Delhi
15 Communicator  IIMC- New Delhi
IIMC-Indian Institute of mass communication

1 Oryza Cuttack Odisha
2 Krishi Vishwa Jabalpur
3 Lok Vigyan Udaipur
4 Wheat news  every three months Karnal
5 Rural India Pune
6 Kisan Bharti Pantnagar
7 Indian farmers Digest Pantnagar
8 Extension Digest MANAGE Hyderabad
9 General of Farming System Modipuram Meerut UP
10 Indian Research general of extension education Agra
11 Journal of Extension Education TNAU Coimbatore
12 Soil Conversation Digest Dehradun
13 Current agriculture Karnal
14 Goan ( Bihar Government
15 Tobacco Research  Rajahmundry
16 Journal of rural development NIRD
17 Rural youth and gram Yuvak Young Farmer Association
18 Annals of Agricultural Research Indian Society of Agricultural Sciences
19 Agriculture and livestock ICAR-New Delhi

ICAR Publications

1 Journals monthly (English)
1)The Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences

2)The Indian Journal of animal Sciences
2 Semi technical journals quarterly (English) 1)Indian farming

2)Indian horticulture
3 Semi technical journals quarterly (Hindi) 1)Phal-Phool
2)Krishi chayanika
4 Semi technical journals monthly (Hindi) Kheti
5  Science and technology news letter ICAR News (every 3 month)
6  House Journal ICAR Reporter (every 3 month)

1 First farm periodicals? Krishi-Sudhar (1914)
2 First farm magazine in India? Kheti
Efforts of ICAR

1 Indian farming 1940
2 Indian Horticulture 1956
3 ICAR News 1970
4 Phal-Phool 1979
5 Krishi chayanika
ICAR Reporter
6 ARIS  News 1998
7 Indian Agricultural Science Abstract 2002
8 Indian Animal Science Abstract 2002

History of Agricultural Journalism In India

1 Indian forestry 1873
2 Krishi Sudhar 1914
3 Zamin ryot ( 1928
4 Agriculture and livestock in India 1931
5 Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 1931
6 Gaon Bihar Government 1938
7 Ryot (Maharashtra) 1938
8 Indian farming 1940
9 Basundhara (West Bengal) 1946
10 Krishi Jagat (Bhopal) 1946
11 Indian livestock,
Indian Horticulture,
Animal Science
12 First Communication Workshop 1954

International Agriculture Related Magazines

1 Journal of extension USA
2 Agronomy Journal USA USA
3 Field crop abstracts England
4 Tropical science in London
5 Media Asia ( Singapore

Weekly Magazines
Krishak Jagat Bhopal
Seva Gram ( Delhi
Kheti Duniya Patiala
Agri watch New Delhi

Quarterly Magazines
Gramsevak New Delh
Gram Prathinidhi New Delh
Gram Lok ( New Delh
Krishak Doot Bhopal
Monthly Magazines
Sugarcane (
Krushimangal New Delhi
Bhu-bharti New Delhi
Dharti Ke Lal New Delhi
Krishak Bharati Kanpur

Every 3 Month Magazines
Krishi Vishwa Jabalpur
Dairy News( Karnal
Wheat News Karnal
Krishi Gyan Ganga Etah UP
Indian sugar crops Ghaziabad

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