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IBPS- AFO Model Paper-2

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Questions Answer
1 Sulpher content in SSP ? 12%
2 Central institute of Agricultural engineering Is situated on? Bhopal
3 An example of Non-selective Herbicide is?( Glyphosate
4 Full form of TPS? True potato seed
5 One cubic feet is equal to? 28.32 litre
6 IMD was established in the year?
7Father of agro meteorology in India? L.A.Ramdas
8 Name the transgenic mustard variety developed by the Delhi University? DMH-11(Dhara Mustard Hybrid)
9 Agmark was initiated in the year? 1937
10 Direct solar Radiation is measured by? pyroheliometer
11 National seed corporation established in the year? 1963
12 Tetrazolium test is used to detect? Seed Viability
13 What is the tagline of soil health card scheme? "Swasth Dharaa. Khet Haraa."
14 Under PMFBY what% premium is chargable for Rabi crops? 1.5 %
15 Red color of tomato is due to? Lycopene
16 Arka Anamika is a variety of? Bhindi(lady finger)
17 An example of stomata closing type of anti transpirent? Phenyl Mercuric Acetate (PMA)
18 Who is the first chairman of NDDB? Dr. V.S.Kurien
19 What is the full form of PGS used in organic farming? Participatory Guarantee Scheme
20 1:1 type clay mineral is?( Kaolinite

Questions Answers
21 Lint index of cotton is? 33%
Shade tolerant spp. ,which does not require more lights known as ?
23 Fruit of mustard known as? Siliqua (in plural Silique)
24 Ranikhet disease is caused by? avian paramyxovirus type 1 (APMV-1)
25 Name of a layer breed of chicken? Ancona
26 Operation flood is related to? Dr. V.S.Kurien
27 Super rice is developed by? G.S.Khush
28 World forestry day is observed in the year? 21 st march
29 Kisan day?( 23 rd december
30 CEC of Mica is? 0
31 American society of Agronomy formed in the year? 1908
32 Heterosis is related with ? Mutation
33 Flavr Savr is a variety of-? Tomato
34 Correlation coefficient & lies between? -1 and 1
35 The society specifically organized by Government of India in
tribal areas of the country is known as?
36 Heritability of a character within pureline is? Zero
37 Somatic hybridization is achieved through? Protoplast fusion
38 A technique of micropropagation is? Somatic hybridization
39 In Borax how much % of Boron is Present? 11.3
40 Present Chairman of NDDB? Dilip Rath

Questions Answers
41 NABARD was established in the year? 12 th July,1982.
42 Murrah is A breed of?( Buffalo
43 National extension service launched in the year? 1953
44 The hatching period of a common layer of chicken? 21 days
45 PHB- 47 is a variety of? Bajra
46 Seed rate of Bajra is? 4-5 Kg/Ha
47 which is known as ‘ Miracle Rice’? Jaya
48 Commercial Layer Strains of chicken? Bowans
49 Indigenous Dual purpose breeds of Cattle? Kankrej
50 Pasteurella multocda is the causal organism of? HAEMORRHAGIC
51 Tropic Sea is a variety of? GLADIOLUS (Gladiolus spp)
52 What is the scientific name of bottle gourd? Lagenaria siceraria
53 Jhargram-1 is a variety of? Cashewnut
54 Name of one medicinal plant of Solanaceae family? Aswagandha ( Withania somnifera)
55 Navasree is a variety of ? Cinnamon
56 Vetiver can be propagated through? Slips
57 What is the full form of SFAC? Small Farmers Agribusiness
58 An example of growth retardant ? Cycocel
59 Origin of Litchi ?( China
60 Main proteien found in milk? Caesin


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