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Daily One Liner Questions-66

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General Horticulture


Questions Answer
1 The cultivation practice is adopted in market vegetable gardening  ? Intensive
2 Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture promotes greenhouse technologies under which component?( Protected cultivation
3 ..... is a fragrant species of jasmine which has a high commercial value ? Mango
4 Agro-chemicals sector in the country will touch with USD .... by 2018-19 with 60% of the contribution coming from exports, according to a report by TATA Strategic Management Group ? 7.5 billion
5 Cracker Jack is commercial variety of  ? Marigold
6 Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology is located at  ? Pune
7 The appropriate time for planting menthe in plains is ? January-February
8 Recommended seed rate per hectare of Dhaincha for green manuring in sodic soil is .  ? 60 kg/ha
9 The removal of tips or shoot alone with a view to stimulate mildly the lateral growth is called as   ? Punching or Topping
10 Bean common mosaic disease is caused by  ? Potvvirus
11 A mature fruit of .... when scratched slightly with nail shows a yellow streak instead of Green streak?  Sapota
12 India’s public research institutions have developed a low eruct acid mustard variety called by which name ? Pusa Mustard 30
13 Number of agro biodiversity hotspot identified in India is ? 7
14 The most commonly used rootstock for rose propagation in North India is Rosa Indica?( var. odorata
15 Removal of trees either singly or in a small group scattered all over the forest is called as? Felling

Questions Answers
16 United Planters Association of South India (UPASI) has its headquarters at  ? Ooty
17 Pox and Scurve is a disorder of? Sweet potato
18 Pusa Urmi and Pusa Shreya is new varieties of  ? Ash gourd
19 MC 43 and S-404 are the varieties of ?( Cumin
20 “Pusa Arunima” is an improved hybrid variety of this crop released by IARI is  ? Mango
21 “Fruit growing in India” is written by ? W.B. Hays 
22 Scientists at BSI have discovered a new species of banana known by which botanical name ? Musa indandamanensis 
23 The crops can grow successfully as an intercrop in mango orchard? Onion
24 Ricey curd of cauliflower is formed due to? Elongation of flower pedicels
25 Pollination in fig takes place by Blastophaga psens through  ? Caprification
26 Indian Institute of Species Research (IISR) is located at ? Calicut
27 Panjabrao Deshmukh award is given for outstanding  ? Women Scientist
28 Removal of male bud after completion of female phase is known as? Denavelling
29 How many mango trees will be accommodated with a spacing of 5 m x 5m in an area of one ha? 400 trees/ha.
30The term marmalade is associated with the product made from ?( Mandarin


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