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Agri Current Affairs October 2017

Agriculture Current Affairs 

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Questions Answer
1 World vegetarian day was celebrated at ? 1st October
2 World Coffee Day celebrated at ?( 1st October
3 Which country has signed Paris climate agreement recently ? Nicaragua
4 Who has won "women's creativity in rural life award"? Choti Kumari Singh
5 Which state Govt. has decided to provide 50% subsidy on onion seeds? Haryana
6 Which Indian has been appointed New Deputy General of WHO ? Dr. Soumnya Swaminathan
7 Which state launched bhavantar bhugtan Yojana for farmer ? Madhya Pradesh
8 Union government and World Bank signed $200 million loan Agreement for ?( Assam Agribusiness and Rural transformation project
9 Who has been appointed new director general of UNESCO ? Audrey Azoulay
10 National mission for clean Ganga has recently approved 8 project with worth? ₹700 crore
11 APEDA has taken up a program for the promotion of north eastern product in which countries ? Bangladesh & Myanmar
12 As per a recent directive by centre toilets in the rural areas will now be called as? 'House of dignity'
13 Which company has been named as the India's best FMCG company in the food sector by the international advertising Association (IAA)?  Amul (CGMMF)
14 Himachal Pradesh States cabinet approved the "Mukhya Mantri rural Road repair scheme" under ? MANREGA
15 Niti Ayog working with States to adopt first set of ?
Agri market reforms

Questions Answers
16 NABARD has recently sanctioned a lone to the Andhra Pradesh Government under "Rural Infrastructure Development Fund" for water supply, road and Bridge project how much amount? 273 crore
17 Which bank has signed an agreement with Escorts Limited, to finance Farmers for purchase of escorts tractors ? SBI
18 Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao Foundation stone of "Kakatiya Mega Textile park" at ? Telangana
19 President Ram Nath kovind has launched 5th "India water week" with theme "water and energy for inclusive growth" on 10th Oct. 2017 at ? New Delhi
20 High level committee set-up for water resource management in NE region headed by ? Rajiv kumar  (vice-chairman NITI aayog)
21 Activists in which city have begin Chipko movement to protect over 3000 from within cut down in Aarey Colony? Mumbai
22 In kerala, president Ram nath Kovind launched "Mata amritanandamayi Math Project" for cleaning drinking water ? "Jeevamritham"
23 Which new platform has been launched for to use leftover food by FSSAI ? ( Indian Food Recovery Alliance (IFRA)
24 Maharashtra, government has approved a climate change adaptation  policy that will focus on developing environmental friendly ? Village and cities
25 Chhattisgarh, reduced the rate of interest on loan given to women and there self help groups(SHGs) under "Saksham Yojana" from 6.5% to ? 5%
26 RBI has announced that the banks will provide funds to women SHGs in rural areas under the Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana-National Rural livelihoods mission at the rate of ? 7%
27 As per the Lancet,which country has been ranked 1st in total number of pollution related deaths in the world? India
28 Which crop production is projected to be a record 3.50 lakh tonnes in 2017-18?
(12.31 % over 2016-17 production of 3.12 Lk/t)
29 3rd annual "Women of India organic festival" inaugurated by Maneka Gandhi, Women and Child development minister at ? New Delhi
30 For saving scares foreign currency, which country has banned on import of fruit & vegetable ? Zimbabwe

Questions Answer
31 India had signed MoU for cooperation in the field of water resources with which country ? Morocco
32 MoC has been signed between ICAR-New delhi, National Research Centre for banana, Trichy and ? Andhra Pradesh
33 Which state Government sought 2000 crore   from Union Government to stop paddy straw burning ? Punjab
34 NITI Aayog hosted 8th annual Global entrepreneurship summit in Hyderabad with the theme?( "Women first prosperity for all"
35 Who has received a national tourism award in the best tourist guide category By the president Ram Nath kovind ? Rama khandwala
36 Which state recently inaugurated an underground water treatment plant ? Tripura
37 Environmental minister, Dr Harsh Vardhan recently unveiled the 3rd National wildlife action plan for 2017-2031 the plan drafted by a committee chaired by ? J.C. Kale
38 Which country jointly hosted the Global wildlife program with World Bank and United Nation development program on 2 oct. 2017  ? India
39 Agriculture minister launched which project for boosting Horticulture sector By using Remote Sensing Technology ? "Chaman"
40 "International day of rural women-2017" celebrated at ? 15th Oct.
41 "Rashtriya Mahila Kisan Diwas-2017" celebrated a? 15th Oct.
42 "World food day-2017" with theme change the future of migration. invest in food security and rural development celebrated at ? 16th Oct.
43 Who won The "World food prize 2017" ? Akinwumi Adesina (Nigeria)
44 International Day of the girl child 2017 with the theme in EmPOWER Girls before during and after Crises celebrated at ? 11 October
45 "United Nation day" celebrated at ? 24th October

Questions Answers
46 Who has been appointed brand ambassador of the "Swachh Andhra Mission" launched by CM Chandrababu Naidu? PV Sindhu
47 Which temple has been adjudged as the best  "Swachh Iconic Place"  in India under Swachhta hi seva program ? Sri Meenakshi Temple
48 Which ministry has been awarded the "Swachh Bharat inter ministerial award" ? petroleum and natural gas
49 Which ministry has been adjudged best "Swachhta Pakhwada award" ministry of ? Health and Family walfare
50 What is the India's rank out of 119 countries rank on the "Global Hunger Index" by the international food policy Research Institute (IFPRI) ? 100
51 Which company launched Prerna program on Rashtriya Mahila Kisan Diwas for empowering Indian women in agriculture ? Mahindra & Mahindra
52 Myntra company has partnered with which ministry to work directly with weavers and promote the Handloom industry ? Textile ministry
54 Who was won the "Green Platinum award" by Indian green building Council during the "Green Building Congress-2017" at Jaipur? Govardhan Eco Village (ISKCON)
55 Which institute has signed a MoUs with IIT, Roorkee and Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad to support capacity building and Dam safety under Dam rehabilitation and improvement project (DRIP) ? Central Water Commission (CWC)
56 Indian government has undertaken a mass embryo transfer program in indigenous breeds under the scheme National Mission on bovine productivity how many embryos will be transferred during the 9 Day program ? 440


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