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Daily one liner question 33

Useful for all agricultural exams

General agriculture

All questions have been taken from previous years agricultural exams

Questions Answer
1 Implement used for churning the soil in standing water ? Puddler
2 UNEP the UN agency for Environment protection has its headquarter at ? Nairobi, Kenya
3 Epicotyl grafting is done in ? ( Mango and Cashew
4 Shifting cultivation is also known as  ? Jhuming, Khallu, Dahiya & podo
5 Unity in landscape gardening is achieved by ? Repetition
6 Liquid endosperm is present in the seed of ? Coconut
7 Credit taken for Land Development is ? Long term credit
8 Species of mushroom grow in humus is ? Lepiota, Lepista & Morchell
9 Longest area under drip irrigation in the world is in ? USA
10 Angle of land slope is measured by ? Clinometer
11 Pollination of radish is done by ? Honey Bees
12 Mughal Garden are examples of ? Formal Style Garden
13 The Guard cells in stomata are connected with adjacent cell through ? Plasmodesmata
14 Which type of vegetable gardening is followed​ in Dal lake of Kashmir Valley ? Floating Garden
15 Centre of origin of 'Fenugreek' is ? ( Egypt

Questions Answer
16 Mechanism of self pollination in which flower do not open is known as ? Cleistogamy
17 Time between initial peretration of pathogen in plant and onset of symptoms is known as ? Incubation period
18 From which institution farmer get maximum credit ? Commercial bank
19 Indian Dairy Corporation was established at ? Gujarat
20 "Amul" system of milk marketing follow the principle of ? Co-operative
21 System of planting suitable for grape cultivation is ? Rectangular
22 Carl correns (1909) described maternal inheritance in ? Mirabilis jalapa
23 For Canning tomato fruits are picked at ? Red pipe stage
24 The Saliva helps in the digestion of ? Starch
25 Critical elements are ? ( N, P, K
26 Life cycle of smut fungi was discovered by ? Oskar Brefeld
27 The term "Enzyme" was coined by ? Kuhne
28 Growth produced as a result of the activity of apical Meristem is called ? Primary growth
29 Which is known as a test cross ? ( Tt × tt
30 According to singer (1975) exchange across cell membrane is due to  ? Tunnel

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