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Daily One Liner Questions-57

Farming questions and answers
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Questions Answers
1 Botanical name ? Psidium guajava
2 Family?( Myrtaceae
3 Chromosome number? 2n=22
4 Origin of guava? Mexico (Tropical America)
5 Fruit type of guava? Berry
6 Guava plant are? Day neutral and Climacteric
7 Suitable Climate for guava? Hot and Humid climate
8 Edible part of guava? Thalamus /Pericarp
9 Guava good source of ? Vitamin-C 
10 TSS in guava ? 10-12° brics
11 Guava also known as?
Apple of tropics
Poor's Apple
12 Spacing for guava plant ? 6-7M×6-7M
13 Pit size for guava planting ? 75cm×75cm×75cm
14 Ideal time for pruning in guava ? February-March
15 Guava commercially propagated by  ? Stooling/Air layering

Questions Answers
16 Guava improvement work was started in? 1907 (Pune)
17 Famous varieties of guava are?
Allahabad safeda,

Lucknow 49 (Sardaar)

18 Pink flashed variety of guava ? Lalit
19 Red flashed variety of guava? Hafsi
20 Seedless variety of guava is ? Behat coconut
21 Major diseases of guava are? Wilt
22 Major insect-pest of guava? Fruit fly
Bark caterpillar
23 Which guava variety resistant for bronzing? Lucknow 49
24 Which guava variety resistant for Wilt? Allahabad safeda
25 Bronzing in guava due to deficiency of? Zinc
26 Which fruit suitable for Jelly due to Pectin? Guava
27 Guava is highly tolerant to?( Salt
28 Guava production in 2016-17 (3rd estimate)? 3.61MT
29 Area of guava in 2016-17 (3rd estimate)? 2.60 lakh hectare
30 Major guava producing state in India ? Maharashtra
31 Major guava producing country in the world? India
32 Which Bahar best for commercially production of guava ? Mrig Bahar

Bahar Flowering Fruiting Quality
Ambe Feb.-March July-Sep. Poor
Mrig June-July Nov.-Jan. Excellent
Hasth October Feb.-April Good yield

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