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Daily One Liner Questions-53

Farming questions and answers
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Questions Answer
1Botanical name? Zea mays
2 Family?( Gramineae
3Chromosome number? 2n=20
4 Origin of maize? Maxico
5 Type of fruit? Caryopsis
6Maize plant are ? Cross pollinated, C4 & Day neutral plant
7 Maize known as? Queen of Maize,
Backbone of America
8 What is the name of maize  protein? Zein
9 Maize protein(Zein) deficient in? Tryptophan and Lysine
10 Protein content in maize ? 10%
11 Maize Male inflorescence known as ? Tassel
12 Maize Female inflorescence known as ? Silk
13 Water requirement for Maize crop? 500-800 mm
14 Seed rate of composite maize? 18-20 kg
(Depth 3-5cm)
15 Seed rate of hybrid maize ?( 20-25 kg

Questions Answer
16 Single cross technique in Maize developed by? E.M. East & G.H. Shull (1910)
17 Double Cross technique in Maize developed by? D.F. Jones (1920)
18 Double Cross technique is mostly used in ? India
19 Maize plant is ?( Non-tiller plant
20 What kind of roots are found in maize ? 1)Seminal
3)Prop/Aerial roots
21 Suitable temperature for Maize cultivation ? Germination- 21°C
Growth- 32°C
22 Critical stage for irrigation in maize ? Tassel & Silking
23 Maize plant is?Monoccious
24 Maize susceptible for? Water logging
25 What is the process of removing male inflorescence from the plant of maize ? Emasculation
26 Rabi season maize mostly grown in? Bihar
27 Oil,fibre and  carbohydrate %in maize? Oil 4%
fibre 2.5%
Carbohydrate 75%

28 Major weeds of maize field ?( Samwa
Setaria glauca

29 Commonly Herbicide used in Maize field ? Simazine
30 First "All India coordinated research project"(1957) started on Which crop ? Maize

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