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Daily One Liner Questions-48

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1 Botanical name ? Sorghum bicolor
2 Family? ( Grammineae
3 Chromosome number ? 2n=20
4 Origin of Sorghum? Africa
5 Type of flower? Panicle(head)
6 Type of fruit? Caryopsis
7 Sorghum are? Short day plant, C4 & Self pollinated
8 Sorghum also known as? Camel crop,
King of coarse cereals
9 Seed rate of sorghum ? 8-12kg/ha
10 Seed rate of Sorghum for fodder? 30-35kg/ha
11 Protein present in Sorghum? 10-12%
12 Climate required for Sorghum?( Hot climate
13 Which cells are found in the Sorghum leaves? Motor cell
14 Sugar % in sweet varieties of Sorghum ? 17%
15 Sorghum is exhaustive crop more nutrient absorbed from ? Soil

Questions Answers
16 Which species of sorghum are grown in India?  Durra & Guinea
17 Cropping area under sorghum cultivation ? 2.9%
18 Sorghum irrigated area?( 9.6%
19 Sorghum productivity in India ? 7.81Q/ha
20 Sorghum production in 2016-17? 4.57MT
21 First hybrid variety of Sorghum ? CSH-1 (1964)
22 Best high yielding variety of Rabi Sorghum ? M.35-1
23 Which gene responsible for male sterility in Sorghum ? Tift-60
24 Sorghum varieties are Varsa

25 Sorghum fodder varieties are Pusa Chari-1,2.
Mp Chari.
Vidisha 60-1.

26 Harvesting of sorghum is done at grain moisture percent ? 21-24 %
27 Sorghum grains​ Stored​ at moisture present ? 10-12%
28 In which crop there are no tillering? Sorghum
29 Which chemical present in Sorghum at knee stage? HCN/ prusic acid/ Dhurin
30 Dangerous diseases of Sorghum field?
Powdery mildew,
Grain smut,
Head smut,
Long smut,
Leaf rust,
Sugary disease
31 Harmful insect-pest of sorghum crop? Sorghum shoot fly,
Sorghum midge,
Sorghum ear Head bug,
Red Spider

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