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Questions Answer
1 Botanical name ? Mangifera Indica
2 Family? ( Anacardiaceae
3 Origin of mango ? Indo Burma region
4 Chromosome number ? 2n=40
5 Fruit type of mango ? Drupe
6 Edible part of mango is known as ? Mesocarp
7 Mango flower known as ? Cymose
8 Mango fruits are good source of? Vitamin A &C
9 TSS percent in mango? 20%
10 Mango also known as? King of fruits
National fruit (India)
Bathroom fruit
11 Suitable climate for mango production? Tropical climate
12 Which type of root found in mango? Tap roots
13 Longevity​ of mango seeds? ( 30 days
14 Commercial propagation of mango is done by the method? Veneer grafting
15 Pollination in mango done by? Housefly

Questions Answer
16  Wearing habit in mango? Terminal
17 Normal planting space of mango ? 10M×10M
18 High density planting space of mango ?(Amrapali variety) 2.5M×2.5M
19 Most popular variety of mango in India? Alphanso
20 Sweetest variety of mango is? Chousa
21 Seedless variety of mango ?( Sindhu
22 Spongy tissue resistant variety of mango ? Ratna
23 Which variety of mango suitable for processing ? Kesar
24 Which mango variety fruits are like "Apple Shape" ? Rumani
25 Mutant variety of mango? Rosica
26 Caging technique of breeding first used by ? Dr R N Singh
27 Mango hybridization work was first started by?(1911 Pune) Burns and Prayag
28 Blacktip was first observed by? ( Woodhouse (1909)
29 Mango malformation was first observed in? Bihar (1891)
30 Spongy tissue in mango was first observed by ? Cheema and Dhani (1934)

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