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Daily one liner question 46

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Questions Answer
1 Botanical name ? Solanum melongena
2 Family ?( Solanaceae
3 Origin ? India
4 Chromosome number? 2n=24
5 Brinjal also known as? Eggplant & Aubergine
6 Brinjal fruits are good source of ? Vitamin B
7 Which pigment present in Brinjal ? Anthocyanin
8 Which Toxic content present in Brinjal ? Solasodine
9 Brinjal plant ? Often cross pollinated​ & day neutral plant
10 Seed rate of brinjal ? 400-500 gram
11 Seed rate of hybrid brinjal? 200 gram
12 Sowing depth of brinjal? 1-1.5 CM
13 Test wight of brinjal seed? 3.7 gram
14 Isolation distance in Brinjal seed production? Foundation seed 200M
Certified seed 100M
15 Brinjal is susceptible to ?( Severe Frost

Questions Answer
16 Fruit type of brinjal? Berry
17 Which type brinjal variety suitable for diabetes patient? White
18 What is the eatable portion of brinjal? Pulp
19 Dangerous weed in Brinjal field ? Orobanchae
20 "Long fruit" varieties of brinjal?
Pusa Kranti 
Pusa purple long 
Pusa purple cluster 
Azad Kranti 
Pant Samrat
21 "Round fruit" varieties of brinjal? Pusa purple round 
Pant Rituraj 
Arka Navneet
22 "Aphid resistant" variety of brinjal? Annamalai
23 "Extra early maturing" variety of brinjal? Pusa purple long
24 "Little leaf"  resistant varieties of brinjal? Arka sheel 
25 'Phomopsis blight' and 'Bacterial wilt' resistant variety of brinjal ? Pant Samrat
26 Hybrid varieties of brinjal? Pusa Kranti 
Pusa Rituraj 
Pusa Anupam 
Pusa Uttam 
Pusa Bindu 
Pusa Upkar
27 Dangerous insect & pest of brinjal? Fruit and shoot borer, 
Hadda beetle
Brown leaf Hopper,
White fly
28 Dangerous diseases​ of brinjal field ? Damping off 
Phomopsis bright 
Little leaf
Bacterial wilt
29 "Little leaf" in brinjal occur due to ? Mycoplasma
30 White colour variety of brinjal?( KKM-1

Questions Answer
1 Brinjal production in 2016-17 in India?(3rd estimate)12.32MT
2 Brinjal Sowing area in 2016-17 in India? (3rd estimate) 7.27 Lakh/ha
3 Which country highest producer and highest sowing area of Brinjal ? China (2nd India)
4 Which state highest producer and highest sowing area of Brinjal ? West Bangal
5 Highest Brinjal productivity in which state?( Karnataka
6 Brinjal Sowing area % out of total vegetable area in india? 7.6%
7 Brinjal production % out of total vegetable production in india? 8.3%

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