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Daily one liner question 45

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Tomato (2)
A tomato a day' keeps the doctor away

Questions Answer
1 Tomato production in 2016-17 in India?(3rd estimate)( 19.54MT
2 Tomato Sowing area in 2016-17 in India (3rd estimate)? 7.99 Lakh/ha
3 Which country highest producer and highest sowing area of tomato? China (2nd India)
4 Which state highest producer and highest sowing area of tomato ? Andhra Pradesh
5 Highest tomato productivity in which state? Karnataka
6 Tomato Sowing area % out of total vegetable area in india? 9.4%
7 Tomato production % out of total vegetable production in india? 11.5%
8 Suitable fertilizer dose for tomato (NPK) ? 100:60:60
9 "Cluster of flower" in tomato known as ? 'Truss'
10 Suitable climate for tomato ( Tropical
11 Which is major pest of tomato ?? Fruit borer
12 "Fruit cracking" in tomato occur due to ? Boron deficiency
13 "Blossom end rot" in tomato occur duo to ? Calcium deficiency
14 "Cat face" is a physiological disorder of which vegetable crop? Tomato
15 Late blight of tomato caused by? Phytophthora infestans
16 Early blight of tomato caused by? Alternaria solani
17 Leaf curl (viral disease)of  tomato transmitted by? White fly

Questions Answer
18 Determinate varieties of tomato?
Punjab Chuara
Pusa Gaurav 
Punjab Kesari 
Pusa Earlydwarf
19 Indeterminate varieties of tomato?
Pusa Ruby 

Pant Bahar 
Pant T-1
Pant T-3
20 Hybrid varieties of tomato? Hisar Lalima 
Hisar Lalit 
Pusa Sheetal 
Pusa Ruby
21 Mutant varieties of tomato ? S-12 
22 F1 Hybrid variety of tomato ? Pusa divya
23 "Angoorlata" variety suitable for ? Kitchen gardening
24 Which tomato variety suitable for rainfed condition ? Arka Meghali
25 Which tomato variety suitable for drought condition ? Arka Vikas
26 Which tomato variety suitable for low temperature  region ? Pusa Sheetal
27 Which tomato varieties suitable for high temperature region ? Pusa H-1
28 Which variety of tomato suitable for long transport ? Arka Abhijit
29 Nematode and bacterial wilt resistant variety of tomato? Arka Vardan
30 Highest concent of hormones in tomato plants? On the tricks of plants
31 For controlling tomato fruit borer which trap crop use ? Marigold
32 Training, pruning and stalking is followed in which type of tomato ?( Indeterminate type

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