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Daily One Liner Question-44

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Questions Answer
1 Botanical name? Lycopersicon esculentum. (Solanum esculentum)
2 Family ?( Solanaceae
3 Origin of tomato ? Mexico
4 Chromosome number ? 2n=24
5 Fruit type of tomato  ? Berry
6 Flower type of tomato ? Hermaphroditic
7 Seed rate of tomato ? 400-500 gram/ha
8 Seed rate for hybrid tomato ? 100-150 gram/ha
9 Sowing depth of tomato ? 3-4 CM
10 Nursery area required for tomato ? 100-125 M²/ha
11 Ideal height for potato plant transplant nursery to field? 10-15CM
(After 3-4 week)
12 What is the eatable portion of tomato? Pulp
13 Tomato plant ? Self pollinated, C3 & Day neutral plant
14 Tamato also known as?( Poor man's Orange, Vilayati Baigan, wolf apple & Love of apple
15 Tomato used for ? Soup, chutney, sauce & salad

Questions Answer
16 Tomato crop susceptible for ? Frost
17 Red colour of tomato due to ? Lycopene (at 20-25°C)
18 Yellow colour of tomato due to ?( Carotenoid
19 Tangerine colour tomato due to ? Pro-lycopene
20 Toxic element found in tomatoes ? Tomatine & Saponine
21 Which acid is sprayed in tomato for good growth of Bunch? Triiodo benzoic acid
22 Tomato is universally treated as (highest processing vegetable) ? Protective food
23 Isolation distance for tomato seed production Foundation seed 50M
Certified seed 25M
24 Citric acid % in tomato? 0.3%
25 Temperature required for tomato crop? Germination- 21-25°C
Flowering- 14 -20°C
Fruit- 15-20°C
26 What is the popular way of supporting tomato plants? Stalking
27 Tomato harvesting at "Green stage" for ? Truck Gardening​ (Out of city)
28 Tomato harvesting at "Pink stage" for ? Local market
29 Tomato harvesting at "Full ripe stage" for ​? Pickle and Canning
30 Tomato harvesting at "Ripe stage" for ?( Use at home

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