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Daily One Liner Question-43

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K- Kufri

1 Early maturing variety of potato?
K. Ashoka
K. Jawahar
K. Navtal
K. lavkar
2 Mid maturing variety of potato? K.Lalima  
3 Late maturing variety of potato? K.Deva 
4 Potato variety which suitable for processing purpose? K.Chipsona 1
K.Chipsona 2
5 Potato crop susceptible for ? Frost
6 Frost resistant variety of potato? K.Sheetman
7 Cyst nematode and late blight resistant variety of potato? K.Thenamalai
8 Foreign variety of potato (Exotic) ?( Upto Date, 
Kregs Defines,
9 Clonal variety of potato ? K.Red & K.Safed
10 Isolation distance kept in potato foundation and certified seed production? 5 Metre
11 Which are most common method of potato storage in plains and plateau region ? Heaps and Pits
12 Iris famine came due to which disease.(Ireland 1845) ? Late blight of potato
13 Late blight of potato caused by? Phytophthora infestans
14 Early blight of potato caused by? Alternaria solani
15 Black scurf of potato caused by? Rhizoctonia solani

16 Wart disease of potato caused by?( Synchytrium endobioticum
17 Scab disease of potato caused by Streptomyces scabies
18 Black heart of potato caused by? Oxygen deficiency
19 Green colour of potato Ttuber due to? Solanine (occur due to sunlight)?
20 Blind hoeing is common agronomical process in? Potato and Sugarcane
21 International potato year? 2008
22 water requirement of potato? 500-700 MM
23 Most popular method of potato planting is? Ridge and furrow method
24 Storage period of fresh potato at 3-4°C? 5-10 month
25 Total Sowing area of potato in India ? 2.15M/Ha
26 Total Potato production in 2015-16 ? 48.23 MT
27 Requirement of potato certified seed in 2016-17? 28.64 LakH quintal
28 Availability of potato certified seed in 2016-17? 26.1 Lakh quintal
29 Maximum productivity of potato in which state ? West Bengal (195.77Qu/Ha)
30 Highest potato producing state in India?  
Uttar Pradesh (30.99%)

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