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Daily One Liner Question-39

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Questions Answer
1 Botanical name of Mexican dwarf wheat (87%area) ? Triticum aestivum (2n=42)
2 Family ?( Grammineae
3 Origin of wheat  ? South West Asia(Turkey)
4 Protein percent in wheat? 10-12%
5 Fat percent in wheat ? 1.5%
6 Fiber present in wheat ? 1.2%
7 Carbohydrate percent ? 67-72%
8 Shelling percent of wheat ? 60%
9 Harvest index of wheat ? 40-45%
10 How many tillers in 1 m square area in wheat field ? 230-340
11 Test weight of wheat  (1000seed)? 40 gram
12 Bio fertilizer used for wheat?( Azotobacter
13 100 grams wheat provides how much calories ? 327 calories
14 Yellow colour of Durum wheat and Suji flour due to which carotenoid pigment? Lutein
15 World staple food is ? Wheat

Questions Answer
16 Wheat also known as ? King of cereals
17 Wheat inflorescence known as ? Ear/spike
18 Fruit type of wheat is ? Caryopsis
19 Central zigzag axis of wheat grain is known as ? Rachis
20 Seed rate of wheat is ?( 100 kg/ha
21 Seed rate wheat for Salt affected soil and late Sowing? 125kg/ha
22 Seed rate of wheat Sowing by dibbler? 27kg/ha
23 Seed rate of wheat in zero tillage? 140 kg/ha
24 Seed rate of hybrid wheat? 67 kg/ha
25 Showing time of wheat for better production ? Mid Oct. to Mid Nov.
26 New method of wheat sowing is ?( FIRB*
27 Plant spacing recommended for wheat field ? 22.5cm × 5cm
28 Ideal temperature for germination of wheat seeds ? 20-25°C
29 Which gene responsible for Dwarfness in wheat is ? Norin-10
30 Wheat protein which is essential for good great quality and making roti ? Gluten
*FIRB-Furrow Irrigated Raised Bed System


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