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Daily One Liner Question-37

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Rice (2)
Agriculture Word, Faculty of Agriculture

Questions Answer
1 Plant spacing in rice crop ? 20cm× 10cm
2 Plant spacing in rice SRI method ? 25cm × 25cm
3 Plant population in one hectare rice field 5 Lakh
4 National rice Research Institute located at ? Cuttack, Orissa
5 Indian Institute of rice research located at ?(DRR) Hyderabad
6 International rice Research Institute located at? Manila, Philippines
7 Which Indian state known as "Bowl of rice"? Chhattisgarh
8 Which dwarf variety first introduced in India (1964-65)  ?  TN-1 
(G.V. Chalam from IRRI)
9 Stem of rice is called?( Haulm or Culm
10 Hull is combination of ? Lemma + Palea
11 Optimum temperature for rice cultivation ? 30-35°C
Ripening 20-25°C
12 Optimum pH of soil required for rice cultivation ? 4-6
13 Suitable climate for rice cultivation ? Hot and Humid
14 Rice is a type of plant ?( Self pollinated, C3 & Short day plant
15 Suitable soil for rice cultivation ? Clay and Clay loam

Questions Answer
16 What is the full form of SRI ? System of Rice Intensification
17 Who was developed SRI method of rice cultivation in 1983 at Madagascar ? French Jesuit Father Henri de Laulanie
18 Nursery area required in rice for transplanting in one hectare ? 1000 M²
19 Nursery area required in rice 4 transplanting in one hectare in the Deppog method ? 25-30 M²
20 Hydrothermal treatment of rice grains before milling called as ? Paraboling
21 Paraboling of rice conserve which vitamin ? Vitamin B12
22 Main objective of Puddling in rice cultivation ? Control weeds, Reduce water losses & Increase nutrient availability
23 Main objective of beushening in rice cultivation ? Control weeds, Increase soil aeration & optimise crop standing
24 The gas emitted from rice field is ?( Methane
25 Highest nitrogen losses in rice field by ? Denitrification
26 Which nitrogen fertilizer suitable for rice cultivation ? Ammonium Sulphate
27 Suitable biofertilizer for rice field ? Azolla
28 First hybrid variety of rice developed by using cytoplasmic male sterility at ? China (1970)
29 which rice variety known Miracle rice in India ? Jaya
30 Most critical stage for water in rice cultivation?( Booting stage

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