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Daily one liner question-21

Useful for all agricultural exams

Soil science

Questions Answer
1 "Equation of Universal soil loss" is ? A=RKLSCP
2 Which nutrients known as blast elements ? Al & Si
3 Which group of microorganism (सूक्ष्मजीव) have add highest Biomass in soil ? Fungi
4 Soil color determination by ?( Munsell's chart
5 Cation exchange(धनायन विनिमय) is an important component of ? Soil fertility
6 Positive Bacteria color is ? Red
7 "Sulfur Institute" situated in ? Washington DC(1960)
8 First product of Urea if apply in soil ? Ammonium carbonate
9 Which is best method for application Fe and Zn ? Foliar application
10 Which is best suitable method for application Ca, B, S, and Mo ? Soil application
11 Kandic and Arfullic origin found in which order ? Alfisol
12 Surface color of Alkali soil is ?( Black
13 BGA use for nitrogen fixation is given by ? (in India) Dr P.K. De
14 Total rank of weathering (अपक्षय) index is ? 10
15 Hematite weathering index is ? 9

Questions Answer
16 Zinc deficiency in rice nursery first reported at Pantnagar by ? Dr Y.L. Nene (1966)
17 Most resistant mineral to weathering is ? Quartz
18 Least resistant mineral to weathering is ? Olivine
19 Analysis of soil physical chemical and biological properties is known as ? Soil health
20 Ploughing and cultivation after crop harvesting is known as ? Conventional tillage
21 Functional nutrients given by ? Nicholas (1961)
22 Nutrient mobility given by ? Bray
23 Remove of Iron (Fe) is called ?( Gelization
24 Heat flow in soil by which method ? Conduction
25 Mostly gases exchange by which method ? Diffusion
26 Study of fresh water is is called ? Limnology
27 Silicon(Si) used in Which crops ? Rice and Sugarcane
28 Five type soil factor given by ? Jenny (1941)
29 Amendment (सुधार) of Alkali soil using by ? Gypsum
30 Amendment of saline soil using by ?( Pyrite


  1. In qns 26 study of freshwater is called as lymnology plzs check it 1 more tym

    1. Thanks for informing ... thank you very much

  2. According to Arun Katyan book least weathering is in Calcite not in olivine


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