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Horticulture production 2016-17

Third advance estimates of area and production of horticulture crop  


Department of agriculture cooperation and farmers welfare has released a third advance estimates of area and production of horticulture crops 2016-17

  • Record production of horticulture crop in the country during 2016-17 is estimated to be around 300 MT
  • Area of horticulture crop has increased from 24.5 million hectare(2015-17) to 25.1 million hectare in 2016-17

(Area in ooo'Mh , Production in 000'MT)

Estimated Production

Fruit production 93.7MT
Vegetable production 176 MT
Flower production 2.3MT
Plantation crop production 18.3MT
Spices production 8.2MT
Onion production 21.7 MT
Potato production 48.2MT
Tomato production 19.5MT
Aromatic and medicinal plant production 1.04 MT

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