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Daily One Liner Questions -7

Daily One Liner Question


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SN Questions Answer
1 System of Rice Intensification (SRI) was developed from Madagascar
2 Mycorrhizal fungi help to increasing the availability of ( Phosphorus
3 Highest acidity in which fertilizer Ammonium chloride
4 Which is Folic acid rich nutrient Iron
5 Word protein given by Jons Jacob berzelius(1838)
6 The term Heterosis was coined by G.H. Shull
7 Concept of PET given by Thornthwaite
8 Indians Soil deficient in which micro-nutrient ( Zinc
9 Which plant nutrient is responsible for Pollen viability Boron
10 The "Akiochi" disease of rice is due to H2S poisoning
11 Most important sucking pest of cotton and rice Aphis gossypii and Thrips oryzae
12 The functional of metabolic nutrient was given by DJ Nicholas
13 "Farmer first" concept was given by Robert chamber
14 which weeds is used as a vegetable Amaranths viridis
15 "Dhiraj" is important variety of

SN Questions Answer
16 Which elements control the stomatal regulation Potassium
17 "Water potential" term given by Buckingham 1907
18 Density of water is maximum at 4°C
19 Book "Horse hoeing husbandry" written by Jethro Tull
20 Dapog method of rice nursery was introduced in India from Philippines
21 The causes of "Bengal famine" was
Brown spot of Rice
22 Which agricultural implement used for sub-soiling in primary tillage operation is Chisel plough
23 Vertical mulching is generally practiced in which soil Black soil
24 Blue colour trap attracts which insects Thrips
25  Best example of catch crop in Rabi season Toria
26 Typhoon system of irrigation is used in Which crop ( Sugarcane
27 Which practice is commonly used in rainfed areas Dust mulching
28 Which is the first stage of mineralization of Nitrogen Aminization
29 Drum culture technique used for measuring component of water requirement of Paddy
30 The ratio between the irrigated area and the volume of Water used is term Duty of water


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    Funkhs given word vitamin plzz check it

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