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Daily one liner questions-17




Questions Answer
1 When was the published first edition of "Systema nature" in ? 1735
2 Who was the first plant protection advisor of Government of India ? H.S. pruthi
3 Pheromones also known as  ?( Ectohomones
4 "Economical threshold level" is always lower than ? Economical injury level
5 When was the "Destructive insect pest act" passed ? 1914
6 Light trap is used for controlling which type insects? Positively phototropic
7 'Directorate of plant protection Quarantine and storag'e start in which year ? 1946
8 The term "Pest management" given by ? Grier
9 Serious pest of wheat is ? Termite
10 When was the first approval for commercially ​ use of Bt.cotten in the world ? 1995
11 When was the Bt. cotton introduce in India ? 2002
12 Which company work on GM mustard ? Proagro
13 Bacillus thruingensis is most effectively​ work in which PH ? 9-10
14 "Hopper burn" in rice caused by feeding of ? Brown plant hopper
15 How many insecticide banned in India for use ?

Questions Answer
16 Best method for controlling grain storage pest is ? Fumigation
17 Which pest has an international status ? Locust
18 What is the colour of grasshopper blood ? Colourless
19 Which is basic unit of classification ? Species
20 Main host tree of eri-silk worm ? Castor
21 Main host tree of Lac insect ?
22 Vector of Cotton Leaf curl virus ? White fly
23 Number of insects species known ? 1 million
24 Which type nozzle used for producing mist ? Rotatory energy nozzle
25 Which type nozzle used for producing fog ? Thermal energy nozzle
26 Which animal act as a natural tiller of soil ? Earthworm
27 Notorious weed 'lantana camara' is controlled by ? Lantana bug
28 'Tree banding' used for controlling ? Mango mealy bug
29 Which insecticide stored in Fat of  animal  ? DDT
30 Main characteristic of  insect ?
Three pair of legs​

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