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Plant pathology

Questions Answer
1 Viruses​ which are capable to infecting bacteria are called ? Bacteriophage
2 The fungus produce small spores known as ? Conidia
3 Who is the father of plant pathology ? Anton de berry
4 "Karnal bunt" diseases of wheat first time reported ? Mitra (1931)
5 Which disease known as a Cancer disease of wheat ? Karnal bunt
6 Book "Fungi and diseases in plants" written by ? E.J.Butler
7 Book  "Fungi and plant diseases" written by ? B.B. Mundkur
8 Books "The nature of plants" and "Regions of vegetable growth" both books are written by ?( Theophrastus
9 Book "Nova plantarum genera" written by ? P. A.Micheli
10 Famous book "Species planetarium" written by ? Linnaeus
11 Crystallization of viruses has done by ? Stanley
12 Nematodes are also known as ? Tapeworms
13 Which disease of wheat known as "killer disease" ? Black Rust
14 Which disease responsible for Iris famine in 1845 ?
Late blight of potato
15 Which rice disease responsible for Bengal famine in 1943 ? Brown leaf spot

Questions Answer
16 First systemic fungicide carboxin was discovered by ?  Schmelling and Kulkarni (1966)
17 Fungi which can grow only on living host plant are called ? Obligate parasite
18 Alternate host of black stem rust of wheat ? Barberry
19 Radophyceae is also known as ?( Red algae
20 Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in which year ? 1929
21 Which Bacterial disease was first reported ? Fire blight of apple
22 Which fungicide used for control powdery mildew ? Karathane
23 Which fungicide used for control downy mildew ? Metalaxyl
24 Boardex mixture discovered by ?  Pro.Milardet (1882)
25 Ufra disease of rice is caused by ? Nematodes
26 Association of fungi with root of higher plants is known as ? Mycorrhiza
27 Which is primary source of infection green ear disease of Bajra ? Soil and seed
28 Black tip of mango is caused by deficiency of ? Boron
29 Black heart of potato is caused due to deficiency of ? Oxygen
30 Microorganism was first observed by ?
Antony van leeuwenhoek


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