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Daily One Liner Questions-13

Daily One Liner Questions


Useful for all Agriculture Exams


Questions Answer
1 "Indian Horticulture society" established in which year ? 1942
2 Who was the first president of Indian Horticulture society  ? G.S. Cheema
3 Present president of ICAR ?  ( Mr Radha Mohan Singh
4 Present DG of ICAR ? Dr Trilochan Mohapatra
5 Which plant indicator of Boron deficiency ? Sunflower
6 One cubic metre is equivalent to ? 1000 litres
7 Highest geographical area in which state ? Rajasthan
8 Agronomic research conducted in Pharma field with the active participation of farmer is known as ? On Farms research
9 Harvest index in  pigeon pea ? 19%
10 Seedling are ready for transplanting in depog method ? 11-14 days
11 Which nutrient also known as blast elements ? Al & Si
12 PH given by ? ( S.P.L. sorenson
13 Silicon is used in Which crop ? Rice and sugarcane
14 "Food and agricultural organisation" headquarter in ? Rome Italy
15 "World Meteorological organisation" headquarter in ? Geneva Switzerland

Questions Answer
16 Short range weather forecasting is valid for ? 3 days
17 Medium range weather forecasting is valid for? 3-10 days
18 Long range weather forecasting is valid for? Above 10 days
19 Which award has been given to basic research in agricultural science ? Hari Om award
20 Iron deficiency is common in which soil ? Calcarious soil
21 Starch is the polymer of ? ( Glucose
22 Which nutrient main role in gene expression and regulation ? Zinc
23 According to Russian Nomenclature saline soil are called ? Solon Chalks
24 Mustard fruit is known as ? Siliqua
25 Garima is the famous variety of ? Paddy
26 "Everyone can wait but not agriculture" say by ? Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
27 Down ward entry of water in soil ? Infiltration
28 Lateral movement of water in the soil is also known as ? Seepage
29 Loose smut disease of wheat is controlled by using ? Vitavax
30 Which Herbicide used in cotton ? ( Diuron


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