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Daily One Liner Questions-11

Daily One Liner Questions


Useful for all Agriculture Exams


Questions Answer
1 Who is present chairman of 'NABARD' Dr Harsh Kumar bhanwala
2 The Apex body for institutional finance for agriculture in India NABARD
3 Farmers obtain short term loans​ from ( Central cooperative banks
4 What is the type of Indian economy Mixed economy
5 Which is the best source of pure cellulose Cotton fiber
6 Which is Basic unit of 'Civilization' Family
7 At present which type farming system occurs in India Market oriented
8 Which soil Absorbs more solar radiation Black soil
9 Which poultry breed meat color is black Kadaknath
10 Which poultry breed used for fighting Sports Aseel
11 Toria also known as ( Indian rape
12 "Theory of population" given by Malthus
13 Sweetest sugar among the all sugar Fructose
14 The "lock and key model" was proposed by Fisher
15 "Theory of evolution" was given by Charles Darwin

Questions Answer
16 Highest Arable in which country Australia
17 Highest forest land in which country Canada
18 Main role performed in extension education in India Agriculture University
19 Best crop for making silage is ( Maize
20 The term "Guttation" given by Burgerstein
21 Guttation normally occurs at Night
22 Famous sheep Marino native from  Spain
23 Which disease known as killer disease of wheat Black Rust
24 Karnal bunt first time reported by Mitra (1930)
25 Plant growing where it is not Desire called  as Weed
26 Disease which occurs widely in severe but periodically known as Epidemic disease
27 When a disease is more or less constantly present from year to year in a moderate to severe from in particular Geographic region is known as Endemic disease
28 When disease occurs at very irregular intervals and location known as Sporadic disease
29 Highest acidic soil found in which state ( West Bengal
30 Oxygen diffusion rate (ODR) measured by Platinum weir electrode

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