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Daily One Liner Question-9

Daily One Liner Questions


Useful for all Agriculture Exams


Questions Answer
1 Main cause of soil erosion in India Water
2 Inflorescence of wheat is called Spike
3 First International agronomy Congress 
23-27 Nov. 1998
4 Second international agronomy Congress in 26-30 Nov. 2002
5 Indian Society of agronomy setup in 1955
6 Element is known as energy currency for plants Phosphorus
7 Bemlen's factor for Organic carbon to organic matter 1.724
8 Which cotton species covered maximum area in India Gossypium hirsutum
9 Potato dormancy breaker is Thiourea
10 Short term loans are utilized for Crop production
11 Best fertilizer for Basal application in Pulse DAP
12 Seedless varieties are developed by Triploidy
13 Fungi is more active in
Acidic soil
14 100 kg nitrogen equal to urea 222 kg
15 Parthenium introduced in India from Mexico

Questions Answer
16 The unit of rural society is Village
17 Which plant nutrient is non metallic Boron
18 Which nutrient deficiency mainly in Indian soil Nitrogen
19 Which micro-nutrient deficiency in Indian soil Zinc
20 IARIestablished in which year 1905
21 ICAR established in which year 1929
22 First DG of ICAR 
23 Three type dormancy found in Avena fatua
24 Phala blight disease in sugarcane due to deficiency of which nutrient Magnese
25 "Moisture equivalent" given by Bricks and meclay
26 Phosphorus and potassium mostly observed by Diffusion
27 Highest water use efficiency is found in which Crop group C4 plants
28 Yellow mosaic virus in green gram transmitted by Whitefly
29 Which herbicide group have more effect on photosynthesis Ureas
30 Which Fertilizer is organic fertilizer 

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