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Daily one liner question 32

  Agriculture Questions For Competitive Exams

General agriculture

Questions Answer
1 India's first digital flower auction( नीलामी) Center is located in ? Bangalore
2 Which element is essential for hypothesis of water ? Chlorine
3 Techniques of extended shelf life of produce is ? Preservation
4 Leaves of azolla have the colonies of ? Anabaena
5 "Queen of spices" is ? ( Cardamom
6 Potassium and phosphorus content in soil should be tested in every ?3-4 years
7 Which tool used for pricking of plants is ? Shovel (खुरपा)
8 Large part of clove imported in Indonesia is used in ? Cigarette industry
9Pear is an example of ? Temperate fruits
10 Reserpine alkaloid is found in ? Sarpagandha
11 The limit of capillary rise of water in plants is ?2-3 metres
12Which type soil provides good Anchor age to tall crops ?Clay loam
13 Microscope was invented by ? A.V. Leeuwenhoek
14 Largest family of flowering plants is ? Orchidaceae
15 Protogyny is present in ? ( Bajra

Questions Answer
16 Honey bee store honey in ?
Cells of comb
17 What is left Behind if chloroplast is burnt ?
Framework elements in plants is ?
Plants obtained from a single homozygous and self fertilized plants are called ?
Pure line
Causative agent of Anthrax was discovered by ?
R. Koch
Central coffee Research Institute is located at ?
Balehonnur (Karnataka)
Plant growth regulator acts as anti transpirant is?
Who was succeeded​ in decoding the language of "Bee dance"?
K. V. Frisch
Genetic male sterility in barley , Corn etc governed by?
MS gene
Maximum water absorption in plants take place in ?
Root Hair Zone
The sum total of all genes parents in Species is known as ?
Gene pool
Ephemeral annual plant is ?
Cassia tora
Blast resistant variety of rice is ?
Chemical synthesis of gene (tyrosine t-RNA) in lab was 1st done by?
H.G. Khurana
Technique of isolation of nematode from soil first discovered by ?
N A.Cobb

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Question No.13
Compound microscope was discoverd by Robert Hook

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