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Daily one liner question 29

Farming questions and answers

 Soil science

Questions Answer
1 Father of soil science ?(  V.V. Dokuchaev
2 Father of Agricultural chemistry ?  J. V. Liebig
3 "Indian Institute of soil science" is situated in ? Bhopal (MP)
4 "Indian Institute of soil and water conservation" is situated in ? Dehradun
5 "Central soil salinity Research Institute" situated in ? Karnal (Haryana)
6 "Indian Society of soil science" (ISSS) established in which year ? Dec. 1934 (Kolkata)
7 "International soil reference and information Center" situated in ? Netherland (1966)
8 "International Union of soil science" founded in ?  1924 (Australia)
9 "International potash​ of Institute" situated in ? Switzerland (1952)
10 What is the percentage of mineral matter in the inorganic soil ? 45%
11 The soil consist of four major components are ? Mineral, Organic matter, Water and Air
12 Diameter of clay particle is less than ?  < 0.002 mm
13 Particle density of clay soil is ? 2.8
14 Red colour of soil due to ?( Hematite
15 Red yellow color of soil is associated with ? Ferric oxide

Questions Answer
16 Which soil warmed up quickly ? Sandy soil
17 Main component of all organic matter is ? Carbon
18 Organic soils nature are ?( Acidic
19 Total area under organic soil in the world ? < 1%
20 If organic matter content in soil more than 20% then soil classified as ? Organic soil
21 Calcareous soil is formed in arid as well as ? Humid region
22 Generally plant loses water through ? Transpiration
23 Active soil forming factor are ? Organism & climate
24 Ilite, montmorillonite and kaolinite are ? Clay minerals
25 Soil collide is a part of ? Clay
26 Inorganic collide is ? Silicate clay
27 Organic collide is ?( Humus
28 Expanding type clay mineral is ? Montmorillonite
29 Swelling and plasticity properties is maximum in ? Montmorillonite
30 Arrangement of soil particle referred to as ? Soil structure


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