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Daily one liner question-20

Useful for all agricultural exams


Source:-Agriculture pocket book-2016 
(Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare)

Questions Answer
1 Total area covered under micro irrigation in India till December 2016  ? 86.26 Lakh/ha
2 Total area covered under drip irrigation in India till December 2016  ? 39.19 Lakh/ha
3 Total area covered under sprinkler irrigation in India till December 2016 ? 47.07Lakh/ha
4 In which state maximum area under micro irrigation ? Rajasthan (17.52  Lakh/ha)
5 In which state maximum area under drip irrigation ? Andhra Pradesh (9.52 Lakh/ha)
6 Total cold storage capacity in India ?( 34.05MT
7 Total cold storage project in India ? 7395
8 In which state maximum cold storage capacity up ? 13.97 MT
9 Per capita availability of edible oils ? 18.3 Kg/year
10 Per capita availability of vanaspati oil ? 0.8 Kg/year
11 Per capita availability of sugar ? 20.3 Kg/year
12 Per capita availability of cloth ? (Cotton + man made) 40.6 meter/year
13 Per capita availability of cotton cloth ? 23.6 meter/year
14 Per capita availability of man made cloth ? 17 meter/year
15 Per capita availability of tea ?( 752 gram/year
16 Per capita availability coffee ? 100 gram/year

Questions Answer
17 "Flower seed capital" of the world known as ? California USA
18 "Tulip Garden" located in ?( Srinagar
19 Author of "Handbook of horticulture" ? Dr K.L. Chadda
20 Journal "Hi-tech Horticulture" published from ? IARI New Delhi
21 Journal "Plant​ Horti-Tech" published from ? Bangalore
22 "Cricket ball" is a famous variety of ? Sapota (चिकू )
23 Which is red pulp (लाल गुदा)variety of Guava ? Hafsi
24 Commercially propagation method of Banana ? Sword suckers
25 Weight of Sword sucker  (अंत: भू-स्तारी) for Banana propagation ? 750 gram
26 Yellow spot disorder of citrus due to deficiency of ?  Molybdenum
27 Longevity(आयु) of Mango seed is ? 30 days
28 Classification of citrus given by ? Tanka and swingle (1945)
29 Mango flower known as ? Cymose
30 "Sonaka" is variety of ?( Grape


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The content is good but some add the agriculture technical term with it's diagrams.

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Agri gyan said...

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What is difference micro irrigation and drip irrigation
First question and second question samajh me nhi aaya
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Agri Exam Support Team said...

Micro irrigation me sabhi micro irrigation ki methods aati he like sprinkler, drip, raingun, typhoon etc. So in micro irrigation total sum of all methods and drip irrigation only particular method area.

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