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Daily one liner questions-6

Daily One Liner Question


Useful for all Agricultural Exams

Questions Answer
1 The spices grown in low light intensity Cardamom and clove
2 Soil moisture between FC and PWP is called Available water
3 "Pusa Ruby" is a famous variety of
4 "Agro climatic law" given by Hopkins
5 "Law of agrobiology" given by Wilcox
6 "Fundamental of rice crop science" is written by S.Yoshida
7 "A text book of rice Agronomy" written by Rajendra Prasad
8 In sugarcane,crop taking of ratoon crop is advisable One
9 In which state maximum production of sunflower Karnataka
10 Which chemical used for De-fuzzing of cotton H2SO4
11 Oil and fiber crop is ( Linseed
12 Which is biodiesel plant Jatropha
13 Line joining the equal crop yield Isopleth
14 Valuable part of sugarbeet is Roots
15 Bench terracing used in hilly area where slope is 15%

Questions Answer
16 Bidi tobacco mostly grown in which state Gujarat
17 First essential micro-nutrient discovered  Iron (1844)
18 "Operation Flood" related to 
Dairy development
19 Which legume crop not fix nitrogen Kidney beans (Rajma)
20 Which "soil group" largest area in India Alluvial
21 Scientific name of Isabgol Plantago ovata
22 Fertilizer ratio for cereals 4:2:1
23 Fertilizer ratio for pulse 1:2:1
24 Which is shortest phase of Mitosis Anaphase
25 First World food prize got MS Swaminathan
26 Which soil formed under water saturated condition is Histosols
27 Tetrazolium test used for Seed viability
28 Rajendra Kranti is a famous variety of Fenugreek (Methi)
29 Important operation done in gram crop 
30 First public sector nitrogen fertilizer Commission established (after 1947) Sindri (Jharkhand)


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