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Daily One Liner Question 5

Daily One Liner Question

Agriculture Questions For Competitive Exams

Useful for all Agriculture Exams

Questions Answer
1 Which fruit crop require highest number of irrigation Banana
2 Which program have given the idea of multipurpose "village level worker" National extension service
3 Irrigation efficiency of loamy soil 70%
4 B.P. Pal associated with ( Rose
5 Which acid present in grapes Tatric acid
6 Due to Vitamin-C deficiency Scurvy
7 The main site for the dark reaction photosynthesis Stroma
8 Index number given by Karl Pearson
9 Complementary interaction between two inter-crop is known as Annidation
10 Climate classification based on vegetation is given by De Candle
Purple blotch is a problem of (
12 Tomato cracking due to deficiency of Boron
13 Indian Institute of vegetable research in situated at Varanasi
"White bud" of maize  is due to
Zinc deficiency
"Hollow heart" of sugar beet is due to
Boron deficiency

Questions Answer
16 Which is most abundant enzyme on the earth Rubisco
17 Which is first dry-land Research Station in India at Manjari(MH)
18 Sardaar (Lucknow 49) is a famous variety of
19 Sugarcane area maximum in which state Uttar Pradesh
20 Fungi associated with higher root plant is called Micrcoriza
Indian Institute of horticulture research is located at
22 Common method of Nagpuri Santra propagation T-budding
Common method of Ber propagation
24 Which is dwarf variety of mango Amrapali
Which implement used for inter cultivation in cotton crop
Junior Hoe
26 Place of Protein synthesis Ribosomes
27 Cultivation of Woody plant for decoration and shade Arboriculture
28 Which is explosive nature fertilizer Ammonium Nitrate
29 Collego is ( Mycoherbicide
30 Study of relationship between agriculture crops and environment Agroecology


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