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Agri ONE Liner Question- 4

Daily One Liner Question


Useful for all Agriculture Exams

Questions Answer
Showing depth of wheat is depend on length of Coleoptiles
Natural farming given by Fukuoka
Organic farming given by
Under late onset of monsoon with crop should be grown best Castor
Azotobacter population is high in Grassland
Which crop best for autumn planting sugarcane intercropping potato
Which structure used for recycling rainfall water Farm pond
Which Rabi crop grown on conserve moisture Chickpea
Atrazine persistence in soil approx 1 year
Karnal Bunt of wheat first time reported in 1930
Which is Most abundant mineral in soil Oxygen
"Agroforestry today" is published from ICRAF
Best soil for rice crop
Stiff clay
Thermoperiodism is related to Temperature
Broad bed furrow is used in Lay Soil

Questions Answer
"Plowman's and Folly" book written by Faulkner
Which surface irrigation method used in western countries Surge irrigation
Optimum temperature for germination in maize 21°C
Cycocel is a ( Growth inhibitor
In wetland rice field feficient in which element Zinc
Which glucoside present in Sorghum HCN
Which is fodder Maize variety African tall
Which substance is used for enhancing nitrogen efficiency in rice field Sulphur coated urea
Which barley is commonly grown in India Six Row Hulled Barley
Soil erosion permitting crop is Bajra
Apical dominance in sugarcane is due to High Auxin content
Thermocouple psychrometer used for
Leaf water potential
Seed drill and horse drawn cultivator develop by. Jethro Tull
Maize is deficient in Leucine
Which crop sensitive to KCl
(Potassium chloride)
Flue cured tobacco


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