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AFO 2014

Previous year paper

Agriculture field officer

Friends in this article we will discuss previous year memory based question of agriculture field officer 2014
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Let's start...
=> Relative humidity major by which instrument -psychrometer

=> What is the seed rate of winter pigeon pea -22-25 kg/ha

 => Which crop grown in more water and low oxygen -Paddy

=>  Which is largest fruit producing state in India - Maharashtra

=> Which is shallow root crop-onion

=> Which crop period miss match - Barseem  200 days

=> National agricultural insurance scheme started in -1999

=> Which is balanced NPK ratio in cereal crop -4:2:1

=> Which crop sensitive for saline soil -Potato

=> Which is best milk producing breed of cow- Sahiwal

=> Which is best wool yielding sheep -Merino (Spain native)

=> Which is seedless variety of grapes -Sharad seedless

=> Red soil has -Poor  drainage​ capacity

=> Which is internal seed borne disease -Loose smut

=>Seed treatment for loose smut -Carboxin

=> What are Aldicarb and Forete- Systemic poison

=> For making sandy soil compact -Conserve water

=>which nitrogen fixation is Symbiosis -Rhizobium

=> Water use efficiency in drip irrigation -90%

=> In hilly area which type farming adopted -Contour farming

=> Plant part used  frequently​ for production -Ex plant

=> Sunflower planting spacing -30 x15 CM

=> Which poultry breed native USA - Rhode  Island Red

=> Where CFMT&TI situated -Budni  Bhopal

=> Carbon content in humus -58%

=> Nitrogen content in vermi compost -3%

=> Isolation distance in cotton Foundation seed -50 Meter

=> Non environmental physical character of soil  - PH

=> More availability of calcium and magnesium at PH -7.5to 8.5

=> What is the cropping intensity in India -138 %

=> Seed rate of winter pigeon pea -12- 15 kilogram

=> Brown color of soil due to -organic matter and manganese dioxide

=> Mismatch breed and fat %  - Holistrian friesian 3%(4%fat in HF milk)

=> Which instrument used in secondary tillage -Harrow

=> Indian agriculture contribution in world trade -Approx 1%

=> Red color of soil due to- Iron oxide

=> Yellow color of soil due to -Silica

=> Black color soil rich in -Calcium carbonate magnesium potassium

=> Rainy Maize sowing time- 15 June to 15 July

=> Planting spacing of Kabuli Chana -30 x15 CM