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Improve your English (6)

Hi friends ...
This is 6th article on English vocabulary.
Today we will complete 120 word of A letter

Let's start...

Armory :- शस्त्रागार (Arsenal)

Arrears :-बकाया राशि (Unpaid money)

Articulate :-स्पष्ट रूप से कहना (Express directly)

Ascension :-अधिरोहण (Move up)

Askance :-तिरछी दृष्टि से/ संदेह से( Doubtfully)

Aspect :-पक्ष पहलू (Side)

Assassination :-हत्या (Murder/ kill)

Assault :-हमला  (Irruption /Hit)

Assessment​ :-आकलन/ मूल्यांकन (Judgement /Estimation)

Assiduous :-लगन से /परिश्रम से (Diligently /Ardently)

Assimilation :-समावेश (Admix)

Assortment :-चयनित/विभिन्न प्रकार के (Various)

Assuagement :-शांति कमी (Peace/ Absence)

Astonishment :-आश्चर्य /अचंभा (Surprise /Miracle)

Astute :-कुटिल/ दक्ष (Brilliant /Smart)

Asylum :-शरण स्थान (Shelter/ Refuge)

Asymmetric :-असममित (Inequality)

Atrocity :-अत्याचार/ क्रूरता (Wickedness /Enormity)

Atrophy :-अपक्षय/ क्षीण (Decline /Dwindle)

Attainment :-प्राप्ति /उपलब्धि (Achievement)

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