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Improve your English (4)

Good morning friends . This is our 4th article on English subject.
We are learning 20 words daily in English. Today we will complete 80 words if you have not read our old 3 articles, you can also read all the old articles by clicking on the English Studies button from the main menu,

 let's start

Alter :-बदलना /परिवर्तन करना( change ,convert)

Altruism :-परोपकारिता(The principle of thanking others)

Ambit :-सीमा/ परिधि ( limit ,border)

Ambivalence :- उभयभाविता (mixed feeling or ideas)

Ameliorate :-सुधारना (correction, improve)

Amendment :-संशोधन (improvements ,correction)

Ammunition :-अस्त्र शस्त्र (weapon or instrument)

Amnesty :-माफी  /सार्व छमा (official pardon)

Amorphous :-व्यवस्थित (without a clearly defined)

Anaemic :-जोश /रहित ( bloodless,vitality)

Anarchist :-अराजकतावादी (agitator,terrorist)

Anchor :-सहारा /मदद (support,subsidiary)

Anecdote :-उपाख्यान/ वास्तविक (reliable)

Angst :-भय /चिंता/ आशंका (fear ,worry)

Anguish :-दुख/ पीड़ा /व्यथा (Agony, pain)

Annexation :-कब्जा करना /राज्य हरण (takeover ,seizure)

Anointment :-राज्यभिषेक किसी पद पर बैठना (consecration ,installation)

Anomaly :-विसंगति /नियमहीनता (abnormality , oddity)

Anonymity :-गुमनामी/ अनामिकाता (namelessness , unknown)

Antagonism :-विरोधी ( hostile ,opponent)

Antebellum :- लड़ाई के पहले का (pre war)

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