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Improve your English (7)

Good morning friend this is 7th article on English vocabulary .Today we will complete 140 word
and today we will also complete all important word of A letter
Let's start

Attorney :-न्याय वादी (Procurator /A lawyer)

Attribute :-कारण होना/ उत्तरदाई (Impute Accredit)

Audacity :- साहसिकता (Boldness /Daring)

Augment :-बढ़ाना/ वृद्धि करना (Amplify / Grow)

Augur :-पूर्व सूचना (Forecaster )

Aura :-आभा (Spirit/ Feel)

Autocrat :-तानाशाह (Dictator)

Autonomy :-स्वायत्तता /स्वतंत्रता (Self governing /Independence)

Auxiliary :-सहायक /पूरक( Help)

Avalanche :-हिमस्खलन /गिरती हुई बर्फ (A mass of snow)

Availability :-उपलब्धता (avail)

Avarice :-धन लोभ /लालच (Extreme/ greed for wealth)

Avenue :-मार्ग /पथ (method /Route)

Avert :-टालना /बचना (avoid/ rule out)

Avidity :-उत्सुकता (keen/ Ardent)

Avow :-स्वीकार करना (Accept)

Awfulness :-भयानकता (horrific /terrible)

Awry :-विकृत/ टेढा़ (serpentine)

Axiom :-स्वयं सिद्ध कथन (Acquired)

Azure :-आसमानी रंग वाला (Blue​ /Superhuman)


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