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English vocab 5

Improve your English (5)


Hello friends this is 5th article on English vocabulary .
Now we learn other 20 word . Today we will​ complete​ 100 word of  A alphabet .

Antidote :-  मारक /प्रतिकारक remedy ( Prohibited)

Antithesis :- प्रतिपक्ष /विरोध​ (Opposite)

Apex :- शिखर /सर्वोच्च  (Top /Pinnacle)

 Aphorism :- सूक्ति /कहावत ( Proverb /Dictum)

Apocryphal :-झूठा/ शंका युक्त/ असत्य  (Untrue /Fictitious)

Apotheosis :-आदर्शपन (Idolization)

Appalling :-घटिया /बहुत खराब (Bad /Worse)

Apparent :-स्पष्ट /प्रत्यक्ष (Clear/ Obvious)

Apparition :-छाया/ प्रेत ( Ghost /Demon)

Appease :-तृप्त होना /खुश होना (Fulfillment)

Apportionment :-विभाजन/ बंटवारा (Share out /Allot)

Appraisal :-समीक्षा /आकलन (Estimation/ Judgement)

Apprehension :-आशंका (Doubt)

Aptness :-उपयुक्तता (Suitability)

Arbiter :-मध्यस्थ (Middle Person)

Arbitrary :-मनमानी /इच्छाधीन (Whimsical /Wild)

Archaism :-प्राचींतावाद  (Out of date / Bygone)

Ardent :-उत्साही  (Fervent /Avid)

Arena :-कार्यक्षेत्र (Area /Territory)

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