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Agri One Liner Questions​ 2

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Questions Answer
Drip irrigation developed fromIsrael
Utera technique is used in Chhattisgarh
Which nutrient highly mobile in soil but not in plant Calcium
Which micro nutrient availability increase with increasing PH Molybdenum
Which plant successfully grown in saline soil Date-palm
Which herbicide called "Total system killer"  Paraquat
Mustard fruit is Siliqua
Main function of Co (Cobalt) N Fixation
DAP is a
Complex fertilizer
Cynobacteria is a BGA
Alkaline soil reclaimed by Gypsum
Origin of Cardamom
How many Agro climatic zone in India 15
Most widely used for evaporimeterin in India Pan evaporimeter
Optimum temperature for tuber formation in potato 18-20°C

Questions Answer
Complete internal chlorosis in plant due to deficiency of Magnese
Susceptibility of soil to erosion is called Erodibility
Response curve of fertilizer in crop plant is Quadratic
When FYM is applied with higher C:N ratio then which process start Immobilization
Which bacteria conversion of ammonia to nitrite Nitrosomonas
Directorate of wheat research located in Karnal
QPM is related to
PF value of permanent wilting point 4.2
Seed rate of soybean is 70-80 kg/ha
Water erosion is maximum in which region North East region
Highest water holding capacity soil Clay
Albedo also called
Reflected radiation
Best use of tensiometer in which soil Sandy Soil
Specific heat of organic soil is 0.5
Water logged area in India 1.5m/ha

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  1. Complete internal chlorosis due to Manganese or Magnesium?


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