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Crop related terminology

Crop and their related terms

Friends In this article we will look at the terminology related to the crop.

All these terms are asked in our all agricultural related examinations
More information related to them is not available on the Internet.
So i am making it available for you.  This article is designed to learn about the term related to crops

And in future we also update it. So stay with us.

Curing :- Tobeco and Tea

Stripping  :-Jute 

Nipping  :-Gram 

Topping :- Cotton 

Wraping :- Sugarcane

Propping :- Banana and Sugarcane


Trashing :- Sugarcane 

Depog nursery :- Peddy

Desuckering :- Tobacco and Banana 

Detasselling :- Maize

Pegging :- Groundnut

Reting :-Jute 

Ginning :- Cotton 

Stalking :-Somato 

Arowing :- Sugarcane 

Ratooning :-Sugarcane 

Tipping :- Tea

Earthing up :- potato and sugarcane

Standing :- sunflower

Lopping  :- lucerne