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August Agriculture current affairs

  Agriculture Current Affairs

August 2017

Agriculture Current Affairs

Which West Bengal's  rice variety gets  Geographical Indication status ? Gobindobhog
Kharif croped area crossed at 25 August 2017 ? (2017-18)1013 lakh/ha
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) received in Agriculture during 2016-17?
515.49 crore
Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) received in Agriculture 2017-18 till may ?  354.77 crore
How much milk producing animal identify out of 300 million cattle and buffaloes ? 88million
How much climate change costs in India according to Government ? $10 billion
Total food grain production estimated in 4th advance estimates of 2016-17 at record ? 275.68 MT
Karnataka state tie up with Microsoft for develop India's first ?  
"Farm Price Forecasting Model"
"Sankalpa se Siddhi"project being organised across the India to commemorate the ? 75th anniversary of Quit India Movement
How much gross cropped area covered in Pradhan Mantri fasal Bima Yojana 2016-17 ? ( 23% in 2015-16) 30%
Ministry of Agriculture and farmers welfare release how much amount for 2017-18 first quarter? 16094.13 crore
Cabinet approves MoU between India and which country for cooperation in field of Zebu cattle genomics and assisted reproductive Technologies ? Brazil
First hybrid clone variety of sugarcane develop for sub-tropical climate condition ? (Developed in 1918 "100 year excellence  in sugarcane research") 205
Agriculture Technology Application Research Institute located?

Agriculture Current Affairs

"Varshadhare" cloud seeding project launch in which state ? Karnataka
NABARD  section how much amount for developed rural infrastructure in Rajasthan? ₹1349.55 crore
Who was selected for the "Prestigious global agriculture leadership Award 2017" ? K Chandrasekhar Rao
Where Union textile minister inaugurated Orient textile craft facility recently ?  ( Ranchi Jharkhand
When celebrate World Honey Day by TRIFED ? 19 August
"Swasth bacche swasth Bharat" Campaign launched with the objective of ? Providing comprehensive and report card for children
RBI has made linking of ADHAR. Compulsory for farmers to avail short term crop loans in 2017-18 under the ? Interest subvention scheme (ISS)
The Union Cabinet give approved balance work of North koel reservior project this project cost 1600 crore rupees 1000 crore given by central government and remain cost given by which states ? Jharkhand and Bihar
Union Cabinet approved how much extra budgetary resources for long term irrigation fund during 2017-18(For completing NABARD major and medium irrigation project under PMKSY) ? 9020 crore
Central Government double child care allowance for women new allowances is ?  ( 3000 rupees

Agriculture Current Affairs

Which insecticide found in eggs in 11 European countries ? Fipronil

Which ministry celebrate "Sankalp to Shiddi" new India Manthan
(2017-22) In all district of India ?
agriculture ministry
When celebrated World biofuel day ?
10 August
Who is new vice chairman of Niti Aayog ? Dr Rajeev Kumar
Who is new Chairman and managing director of SIDBI ? Mohammad Mustafa
How many village identify for first phase of Ganga gram Initiative ? 24
National green tribunal band non bio-degradable plastic bag less than 50 Micron in the City ? ( Delhi
Nabard launched e-Sakthi initiative for digitisation of ? Self Help Groups(SHGs)
Which committee approve to closure Andaman and Nicobar Iceland forest and plantation Development Corporation Limited (ANIFPDCL) ? cabinet committee on Economic affairs

Which coastal state of India coconut reclassified as tree ensuring legal protection for it ? (

Agriculture Current Affairs

Cambridge and Oxford University tied up with Indian University for building 5 self sufficient solar power for ? Remote Indian Village
National Agri-food biotechnology Institute(NABI) where inaugurated? Mohali Punjab
Union Cabinet approved MoU on BRICS Agriculture Research Platform
BRICS-ARP proposed in ?
Ufa BRICS summit 2015
e-Rashtriya Kisan agri Mandi (e-RaKAM) provide a platform for ? Sell agriculture product
Nabard Amendment Bill 2017 passed in Lok Sabha now RBI exit there share(0.4%) from NABARD and Nabard authorised capital increased 5000 crore to ? ( 30000 crore
According to OECD-FAO agriculture Outlook 2016-26 which country third largest beef exporter in the world ? India
How much money allotted for Kisan Sampada Yojana period 2016-20 ? 6000 crore
Now how much percent FDI allow in trading of food product including through e commerce for boost food processing sector in India ? 100%
India  signed grant agreement from the global environmental facility ecosystem service improvement project this project implemented in which​ states. ? ( Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh


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